Katie Cassidy Cast as Nate's Love Interest on Gossip Girl

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Best. Casting. Ever.

Katie Cassidy is relocating from Melrose Place to the Upper East Side to play a new love interest for Nate on the upcoming fourth season of Gossip Girl, according to EW.

We're psyched about this, and not only for her obvious appeal to a site run by straight guys. Katie was the best thing about Melrose, and seems tailor made for GG, too.

The CW declined to renew Melrose Place after its ratings disappointed in its first season, but is smart to keep her in the CW fold with a multi-episode arc on Gossip Girl.

She’ll play a student at Columbia and a love interest for Nate, who supposedly goes to college there. Oh, and she “will make trouble” for several Upper East Siders.

Ella Sims Picture

Katie Cassidy as Ella Sims on Melrose Place.

A network source adds: “She is not what she appears.” But who is, right?

Especially on the UES, a little deception is a guarantee. Or a lot, if you're Georgina. Cassidy's character will first air in the Season Four premiere, slated for mid-September.

Coincidentally, Cassidy is currently in Paris, where at least part of the premiere takes place, shooting the teen comedy Monte Carlo alongside Leighton Meester (Blair).

What do you think about Katie's casting on Gossip Girl? What sort of trouble will she cause? What would you like to see from her character? Discuss!

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Love her since she played Ruby in Supernatural. :3


Are you kidding me? Katie Cassidy is an amazing actress....much too good for GG (and I LOVE this show). But let's get real here. Katie is an A+ actress and even tho GG is a fun, great show, Katie is way too far above these other B movie actors to really be here. Just the same, I am so excited to watch he just blow Blake right out of the water. This is going to be awesome! Best decision CW ever made was to hold onto Katie...now if we can just get them to create a show for just for her...THAT would be the best thing ever!


excuse me but "NATE'S LOVE INTEREST"?
hello? SERENA!


Looks like Blair has some competition. I bet you she will blow Blair right out of the water. Katie Cassidy i equals amazing. Im so happy CW kept her, best choice GG has made in casting. Look out Blair she wil def replace you. But to set her up with NAte???? Come on now, please kill him off or something. Nate equals extra boring. She will probably bring out the best or worst in him. Fianlly some good news. GG has made a great choice picking her up, now they better not ruin it, but eventually they will.




@MrsBass2be Katie Cassidy is an incredibly talented actress. She played the witty and bitchy character of Ella Simms on Melrose Place.


what is it with nate and long-legged blondes? hopefully this makes both nate and serena realize that they're meant to be together. TEAM NJBC!! :)


If she becomes a permanent character then Yay!!! :D Otherwise Ella Sims = Bree Buckley + Another short nonsense with a ridiculous end plot


I definitely love this casting choice. Kate Cassidy was a scene stealer in the now defunct Melrose Place. I enjoy almost every scene she's in MP b/c she can be catty, witty, sincere, evil, & manipulative without overdoing it. True she does have that CA girl vibe about her but hello.......Melrose Place was set in CA duh. Plus it's college, people come from all different states. It's not like Columbia is JUST only for NYers. It's college for goodness sake. Anyway I'm looking forward to her scenes. She's very fun to watch, and hopefully with the writing going well...she'll be better than Bree. I can't wait!


it totally makes sence! everyone at columbia reads gossip girl, so i think she attends columbia, and with b there she has to be queen b!

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