Lucy Hale on Pretty Little Liars: Cute Boys, Love Stories and Cool Fashion!

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Why should you tune in for Pretty Little Liars, which debuts on ABC Family tonight?

Star Lucy Hale makes it clear in a new interview with TV Guide: the series has "really cute boys, great love stories and you get to see some cool fashion."

What else do you need to know about the drama?!? Hale reveals more in the following excerpts:

What is her character, Aria, like? In the pilot, she's coming home from Iceland, where she found herself and became comfortable with who she was. She's very mature for her age and comfortable in her own skin, which I think is good for girls to see because it's kind of rare. She's different; she's quirky. She sort of does her own thing, and she's fine with it.

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Is there pressure to live up to the books on which the show is based? Some people are upset because we don't look like the models on the covers. I think everyone's doing a great job because the characteristics are all the same - the trials they go through, the secrets that they keep.

On Aria's love interest, Mr. Fitz (Ian Harding): I meet this great guy in a restaurant, and think I've met a wonderful person who I connect with really well. Then go to school the next day and, bam, he's my English teacher. We try to stop it. We know it's wrong and we know it can get him in trouble, but we have this undeniable connection and chemistry and can't stay away from each other.

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I love this show i watch it over at my friend Haileys house all the time! Cause my mom doesnt like the show
And no im not the Blind girl, AKA, Jenna! GOSH!! My fav characters are
Aria and Allison! BTW the theme song skit Is weird! Dressing up a dead body? Not normal


Love this show......can't wait till Final show...wanna see who is sending those text it Alli (supposingly dead?) or is it Jenna and Toby!?!?!?!?! Can't wait to find out!!


sounds a lot like gosssip girl to me


OMG Im so looking forward this show - think Aria and the blonde girl (sorry, don't know names yet^^) will be my favs


if you like student teacher affairs then you should read the books seven deadly sins by robin wasserman. it was also a miniseries on lifetime. the books are my favorite series, pretty little liars being second! :) and i will be watching the show tonight.


sounds like a fun show, cant wait for the teacher/studnet affair

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