Pretty Little Liars Review: Can You Hear A Now?!?

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The stakes were raised for all four girls on Pretty Little Liars this week.

Following their plan to block electronic messages from unknown users, the main characters were faced with pressing developments in their personal lives, all of which were somehow documented by this mysterious presence. That was the basis for "Can You Hear Me Now," as reviewed below...

Mr. Fitz? More like Mr. Throws a Fit! My favorite part of the hour was Ezra's in-class explosion. It shows this character has the potential to be far more immature than the 16-year old he's inappropriately dating. While he and Aria eventually made up, let's hope this outburst is a sign of creepy things to come for Mr. Fitz.

It was also a welcome progression for Aria's mom to learn of her husband's affair. There's only so much we can take of Aria debating whether or not to reveal this tidbit, though her dilemma over it has been understandable. It's not a situation any of us would want to consider, but what would you have done in Aria's shoes?

It Can't Be!

Hanna's new family: Ouch. That was one of the more awkward televised meals this year, as Hanna was introduced to her future step mother and step sister. Probably not a great move by her father to break this news to Hanna by actually inviting those two along for a family date.

This sets the stage for future storylines with Hanna, as her dad also made a comment about her weight and we were reminded that Hanna has come a long way - or has she? She's clearly that same insecure girl inside, and that aspect of her personality will be harder to do away with now that A is back in her life.

Rushed relationship galore: I now must touch on my two least favorite storylines: anything involving Wren or Maya.

The former says he wished he had met Spencer before Melissa. Really, Wren?!? You've known Spencer for about five minutes. Ideally, the show would have waited a few episodes to set up the dichotomy between Spencer and her sister, and also to establish some chemistry with Wren, before putting these two together.

Then, there's Emily and Maya. I've gone on about these two in past reviews, so I won't beat a dead, bisexual horse now. However, the forced interactions between the pair have made me not care at all about their relationship.

Was anyone moved by Maya's speech about how she cared for Emily and would therefore wait for her? Or, like me, were you just hoping to see more of Emily and Toby interacting? There's definitely a history between these two, as teased by the show's sly close-up of Emily's "Chemistry" book in class after Toby took a seat as her lab partner. Get it?!?

What was your favorite and least favorite parts of the episode? Which act of A's would you be more freaked out by, lipstick on a mirror or a song request on the radio?

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I love love love aria/ezra. i found mr. fitz temper tantrum funny i couldnt stop laughing. hannah- i feel bad for i would be upset to if my dad was replacing me. Spencer- i do think they rushed it with wren alittle bit they should have waited two or three more episodes before breaking up melissa and wren. i dont like her dad. hes is a jerk. Emily- not really liking her with maya not just because of the bisexual thing they just dont go good together. personally im enjoying her friendship building with toby. i think something might happen there.


I was really sad that there was no Hanna/Sean or Hanna/Darren interaction in this episode. Ifeel like Hanna has somany stories going on already, it's kinda hard to fit everything into one episode:
#1 Sean
#2 Shoplifting
#3 her mom and the cop
#4 being insecure because she once was fat
#5 bulimia / anorexia (since it was hinted at the breakfast scene)
#6 her dad coming back and having a new family. I mean come on, all that came up in only 4 episodes??!!!


Alright, since I am not totally satisfied with this review I've have decided to make it my duty to give my OWN review about each episode from now on. Toby and Emily- Can you say "ca-yute" much?! I just love this couple. Toby has the whole bad boy gone good thing going on and I seriously hope that this show goes far with these two. Both and Emily and Toby are having a hard time finding themselves and I think that if they were eventually a couple, we would have some amazingly awesomely romantic/epic episodes with them! I just LOVED the whole lab scene. It did seem kind of Twilightish though...think about it....Anyways, the end with them both talking was just as cute though. Uh-oh Spence- Look who has even MORE troubles to worry about! Not only has she have to deal with the vengefull Melissa but she's got two bigger problems: a drunken yet irresitable lover (a.k.a. Wren the Bird [sorry I couldn't resist]) and her not-so-her's History paper. Oops! Good job Spence. Now you have to clean up that whole mess AND the broken flower pot. What will you say to mom and dad? And Melissa? Poor little Hannah- I honestly feel horrible for Hannah. She started off as a little....witch.....the first episode but now I just think she is insecure and helpless. She's got some MAJOR issues. One; she may look great now, but she is still lingering on her past self. She really needs some retail therapy, huh? Just don't forget your money Han! Two; that little All-American Boy Sean pretty much broke her heart. I honestly think Hannah overreacted with the whole, "I'm gonna drive your car into a ditch! Woo-hoo!" thing, but eh...I'm over it. Three; her jack*** of a father just keeps digging a deeper whole by the minute. Seriously buddy, you either be nice to your daughter or a total jerk. Can't be both, sorry! The Montogomery Family Secret- Well, we all knew it would be revealed at some time. A little soon though, don't you think? It IS only the fourth episode. I think the show may have rushed it a bit, it could have waited until the sixth episode or so, right? Well, now that it IS out I have to tell you...I'm surprised by Aria's mom's reaction. All I'm sayign is that if I got a letter from God knows who that tells me my husband has been cheating on me and my daughter knew all along, I woukd one; want to find out WHO this "a" is? How do they know and why are they writing this to me if I don't even know them, two; Um....jeez Aria, thanks for being such a great daughter! You should've told me from the beginning, and three; Alright, so called "husband" you put our daughter on the spotlight AND you lie to me? NOT COOL! A....not so teaching moment- All I've got to say is congrats to you Mr. Ezra Hotmazing Fitz! I understand that Aria's trying to keep a low profile on your whole relationship thing but if I were her I would definitly be glad you stood up for me. Knight in Shinging Armor or what?!?! I really hope the show doesn't rush these two...I like them together. I think now that we've seen Mr. Fitz do something other than push away from Aria, that he'll have a more important role. Oh, Maya- Well, I gotta say, Maya is my least fave character. Don't get me wrong, it's not cause of her sexuality but just because she she is gettign in between what could be a LOVELY relatiopnship between Toby and Emily. Maybe she'll be better in future episodes but for hopes aren't too high. A is for A Little Bit Too Freaky- Okay, was I the only one who jumped in their seats/couches when both Hannah and Spencer gasped in Spencer's room. I totally thought some crazy serial killer who is "a" was in the room ready to murder them. Eh, but that's just me. I have an overactive imagination...haha. But I do have some legit theories as to who "A" is. Theory Numero Uno: Mr. Fitz Yah, it's a longshot but think about it...Aria mentions his type writer in this episode and then her mom gets a letter from "a" that was written on a typewriter. Coinsidence??? Maybe, maybe not. Theory Numero Deuce (I don't know Spanish, forgive my spelling): Mona We haven't seen her at all this episode but if you really think, there is a legit reason why she could be "A". She used to be the dorky outcast when Alison was around and all of the other girls treated her like dirt. So she does have a when Hannah's little radio dedication comes on, the song is I Don't Need You Anymore...could Mona be trying to tell Hannah something? Is this a sign to a friendship near ending? This episode was the best so far in my POV. I give it 5 out of 5 stars! Keep it coming Pretty Little Liars! -Katie


I just want to say that I think the guy who plays Wren(Julian Morris) is super sexy and I love his accent. I look foward to him every episode and I do actually like him with Spencer, and I really want them to build on that relationship. I really feel for hanna because she's still that insecure girl and then she has a stepsister who does everything better than her, and her bf didn't want to sleep with her which made her feel unwanted. Emily and Maya thing went too fast, I don't think they should have a relationship, but it's nice to see Emily kinda experiementing and being confused. I like Aria and the teacher, he's really cute! All and all I'm loving the show, but im worried how long they can drag out the A thing, and then after they solve it, then what?


people forget that the town they live in is a prestige place..not like in a city where shoplifters, being gay, hookin up with ur teacher, or liking your sis's fiancee happens like everyday. Image is everything there and also the secrets they have may not seem too big but to 16 year old girls those secrets are big, shoot i think their big enough..their secrets effect their relationship with their families, friends, and with the law..and also the biggest secret "the jenna thing" can land them in a boat load of trouble. And yeah the relationships with wren and maya may seem to be going to fast..but at least its not like other shows(ex. bones) where it takes too long for them to get 2gether..i like the speed its on..i mean it is high school after all relationships come and go like that, even out of high school it just takes a second to feel a spark with someone and know you wnt to b with em.


I'd say the writing on the mirror would definitely be the worst thing for me. Having the song on the radio is creepy but A is still far away; the writing on the mirror shows that he or she is willing to break into your house, invade your privacy and make you feel like you have no place left to hide.


A is getting really creeoy now.. I feel so sorry for Aria's mom! I hate the rushed relationships, spencer's and maya' least one of them is over! I want emily to be with toby! he's sweet and misunderstood..Wren was really cute this ep but it bugs me so much that the relationship started out of thin air without chemistry while he was supposed to love I'll never get it! Hannah's story was boring this week but I felt sorry for her, and her mom. I think there should be somehing between her and that cop..he should hit on her..that would be interesting..


First thought that came to mind when I saw Hanna's dad "MIKE!" (From DOOL). Anyways, I like Wren/Spencer & LOVE Aria/Ezra. Ezra's temper tantrum made him look like he was 5, & Aria was being immature about thier arguement at his apartment. I ddin't like the way them two intereacted this episode, but I stilll hope they don't get broke up by ony epi. 5 when there's suppose to be 22 eps. this season & they are planning on going for more then 1 season. But I liked Wren/Spencer's interaction this week. I could care less about Emily & Mya. i didn't like them in the book & I don't in the show. I really like Hanna & felt for her this weeks epi. :(


Wasn't my favorite, but it was still very good.


emily is my least favourite character, I know it's too late to re-cast, but come on she's not even trying.
the wren-spencer realtionship is the best one in my opinion, probably because both actors have natural talent and their chemistry is palpable
didnt care about hannah's storyline this week, but man, it was creepy when A dedicated that song to her on the radio
for once we see aria acting like a 16 year old and not a 25 year old working woman, she has flaws, she's young and it's natural that the both of them have disagreements because of the age difference. love the way her mother found out about the affair, now we see that A isnt teasing anymore, she's set to ruin their lives.
the character of toby is nice and all, but still so creepy, dont like the actor much, we could feel that he's jenna's arm and without her he is kind of lost
great episode though, but the fact that the first season will have 22 episodes scares me, how long can they span the books?

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Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Aria: My friends thought you had nice legs.
Ezra: What did you think?
Aria: That I was embarrassed my friends thought you had nice legs.

I wish we had a drum roll for this. We are officially A-proofed.