Pretty Little Liars Sneak Peeks: "To Kill a Mocking Girl"

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With each new episode of Pretty Littie Liars, we learn more and more about each of the main characters.

Based on the trio of clips from "To Kill a Mocking Girl" below we'll delve deeper into the following issues on Tuesday night:

  • Emily's feelings for Maya.
  • Spencer's family drama, now that Melissa has kicked out Wren.
  • The pressure on Hanna to sleep with her boyfriend.

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For now, check out these sneak peeks and get excited for next week...

[video url="" title="Awkward Scene"] [/video]

[video url="" title="Hastings Household Drama"] [/video]

[video url="" title="To Kill a Mocking Girl Clip"] [/video]

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spencer's parents arent mean enought to her in the show, in the book she totally blocks her out
im confused though, mona is -A, so why is jeena in this at all? they changes way to much!


melissa is a bitch! i totally like it when spencer kissed her sister's boyfriend.


@bringthechairbaby I think he might!
In the books he has a long fling with Spencer...but since they rushed the cheatin on melissa, they might rush the spwrencer!


am i the only one who think that hannah's problem is very similar to blair??
but she ain't leighton. just saying.


melissas's boyfreind's friend is HOT! Spencer is a bitch, I'm totally with her sister! she's gorgeous ans spencer is UGYY, wren must be blind!


also i think emilys bf needs tobe hotter i dont rlly think hes cute at all


i def. think that this show should have a fourm!!!!!


There's one sneak peek missing from Aria and his dad Here it is


i hope wren comes back! i love wren, in the previews for next episode i thought wren was in the promo.....?


wren was the only hot guy, and hes gone! :( heres my hot list for the guys on this show...noel was okay
ezra= cute
ben= ugly

Pretty Little Liars Quotes

Alison: It's like you went to sleep one night and forgot who I am.
Aria: I know exactly who you are. A.
Alison: Stop saying that.
Aria: Why should I? You're A! You stole the game from Mona and then you killed her because she had proof.

You think the truth is this big shiny disco ball of purity then go ahead and try it. See what it gets you. Telling the truth to the wrong person at the wrong time is how I ended up where I did. Take it from me you're always better off with a really good lie.