Rumored Glee Casting News: Taye Diggs, Jonathan Groff

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With Idina Menzel's Shelby having adopted Quinn's baby on the season finale of Glee, there's a good chance this actress will return to the Fox smash this fall.

But will she bring her famous husband with her?

Taye Diggs was asked that question by Kristin Dos Santos of E! News and replied: "I would love to do it. I love the show; I'm a straight up fan. It's so enjoyable to watch and to see a show for people who to sing and dance. Plus, I love how they integrated Idina into the show."

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Paging Shonda Rhimes: Is a Private Practice/Glee crossover in the works?

Meanwhile, producers have said that they "definitely" want Jonathan Groff to reprise his role as Jesse St. James on season two of the show.

Might Vocal Adrenaline need a new coach in light of Shelby's maternal responsibilities? Let's hope so!

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Actually, Taye Digges was in the original Rent with Idina, that's how they met. And he's been in other plays on Broadway...he is in their league.


Um whoever said that Taye Diggs is not in their lead is somewhat idiotic. He was in RENT. So yeah, good job with that.
And Jesse St. James better come back. I love Finchel and all but seriously? It's getting annoying. Finn doesn't understand Rachel like Jesse did. Plus Jon and Lea are adorable. They are the cutest best friends ever.


OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I love Taye Diggs and I so want him to play Rachel's dad. I mean how cool would it be if he and Shelby loved each other... just like in reality. I want them to do a duet I don't care what song, maybe something they've done together in the past you know RENT or something... how cool would that be. I want Jonathon Groff to come back too as a trigger but I love the whole Rachel and Finn thing


Jonathan has to come back!!!!!!!!!! Taye is good, whoever posted that he sucked, well you suck. i like him as Benny in RENT, and he's good in Chicago too. Please bring Jonathan back!!!!!!!!!!!1


if jonathan is still on the show..i am so hoping that he and quinn would be a couple...they look so cute together...GO ST.QUINN FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jonathan Groff!! Absolutely yes!!


Idina and Taye met through Broadway. Idina and Taye are two of the original cast of RENT.
Have you heard him sing? :P


If they cast Taye Diggs, I will stop watching. They have had REAL Broadway talent in the past with Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel amount others. He is not and never will be in their class.


Please bring back Jon and please bring Taye Diggs! I effin' love him! :D


@Anon Maybe he IS one of them! ehehehe And for you gleeks out there, especially to Lea fans, Johnathan fans or both, here's a clip from Spring Awakenings. It's actually one of the complete play. And apparently there is a sex scene and you girls are lucky cause John's showing off his ass!! :D enjoy! ;)

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