Spotted: Leighton Meester and Luke Bracey

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Okay, it's not the Gossip Girl set, but Leighton Meester and Luke Bracey, her Monte Carlo co-star, were spotted smooching on location for the new movie in Monaco.

The cute pair were joined on set by co-stars Selena Gomez and Katie Cassidy, who will be joining the cast of Gossip Girl this fall, as we excitedly reported yesterday.

Leighton and Luke have looked pretty flirty throughout the film shoot - think they’re together now that she and Sebastian Stan called it quits? Doubtful, but who knows!

Leighton Meester and Luke Bracey

Leighton locks lips with her hunky co-star.

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They ARE sleeping with eachother. People from the northern beaches always spread news and he (luke) has confirmed this through skype with someone i know.


oh please NO. they are so NOT going out.


why cant she have that same kissing scene in Gossip Girl?! why can't she have a Parisian fling in GG too?! heck, she's the one who needs detox from the poisonous fish of a former lover she had! not the other way around... stupid writers! but i am excited to watch this film... i love love love LOVE LEIGHTON MEESTER! she's the best!


what happens in the 4.season of gossip girl? write me a message directly to And I'm a big fan from GG.
And I'm from Germany


Leighton loves to be flirty with all of her costars so this one is probably one of them and they are on the movie set shooting a kiss scene.Poor Sebastian he makes so much sacrifices to be with Leigh.
Leigh doesn't have much chemistry with that blonde guy she has with Ed.This guy is a pretty down grade type for Leighton after Seb and Ed.Be careful Leigh you are going down.


i loved him on home and away, wow he grew his hair out but he was so awesome, even though he played an evil psycho but still so hot :) his shirtless scenes were amazing


if leighton is being with luke. it's such a downgrade from stan. i hope she is still with seb. last time they partied at met ball together before leightonw went to europe.


is season 4 here yet?!!


Dont worry, its on set!!! hahahaha.
I saw pictures on another site! I cannot wait for this movie!
Anyone know when it comes out?! wat do u mean by "don't worry"? ugh, no need to answer, i already smell chair freak fan.


hottie - and i got this from tv fanatic "Come on, we're sure you have more to say than that. Give us a longer comment."


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