The Kardashians: Kast on 90210!

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There's good news for Shenae Grimes: she won't be the worst actress on the season three premiere of 90210!

The CW has announced that all three Kardashian sisters - Khloe, Kourtney and Kim - will guest star on the first September episode of this drama, as it debuts this fall in its new Monday night time slot.

The attention-loving siblings will portray themselves on 90210, though there's no word yet on what brings them into the picture.


Kim has appeared on such network shows as Brothers, How I Met Your Mother and CSI: NY. This appearance will mark Khloe and Kourtney's first gig on a primetime series, but let's face it:

All three are expert script readers, considering their experience on reality television.

Are you excited, or digusted, by this guest-starring news? Sound off now in the Comments section below and in our 90210 forum!

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seriously, shenae? Wes, get a life


This website is kind of bothering me. I happen to like Shenae's acting. Did you see her on Degrassi? She has amazing acting skills and I will admit that in season 2 she was less than amazing with her acting but she wasn't terrible. I thought she did good on the crying scenes and good scenes but I will admit that other scenes needed work. I thought her acting was good in season 1. And get the facts straight before writing because it has been confirmed that Kourtney will not be making a guest appearance.


I love the fact that the Kardashian's are making an appearance on the show. I love them, and I love 90210. So why not love them together? Also, I don't see how commenting on the 90210 actors acting is answering weather or not you like the Kardashian's coming on 90210. Come on, their acting is anything but bad.


At least they look younger than teddy....


I think the only reason they made Naomi the "Center of the show" now is because she's the blonde popular girl but everyone knows that Annalynne's acting isn't really good.


That's true. Annalynne's acting is far worse and you still worship her and say she is one of the best characters.


I absolutely agree with you Wes. Some of the people that post here are such idiots.


they are ruining the's not girls gone wild in beverly's freaking 90210.don't get me wrong, i don't hate them, i actually like their reality show, but they are NOT SUITABLE for 90210. and i don't think any of the actors in this series is bad, but the script really needs a comeback of jasper.and quit with the gay thing..i mean adrianna was better off with navid. am i right?


the kardashians are useless. what can they possibly do to improve 90210?


I wish people would lay the hell off of Shenae's acting. She's actually a good actress, all the blame goes to the writers for making her character annoying like that. Her job as an actress is to portray that so get off her back! If you want to see some bad acting then you need to look at Annalynne because it's clear that she has never taken an acting class.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.