The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 11

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It took us awhile to sort through the 80 entries for this week's Vampire Diaries Caption Contest (thanks to everyone for playing!), but when the dust settled, reader "Kate" was left standing.

Instead of focusing on the football in Stefan's hands, her attention went straight to the clothes on the backs of these characters. How come? Because they're exactly the same! That's what Elena is thinking below at least...

Football Caption Pic

Elena: We really need to stop wearing the same outfit...

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Elena: I that Rosalie from Twilight?
Stefan: No, I think Caroline tried to put glitter on without a mirror this morning..


Elena: Is Damon wearing glitter?
Stefan: hes trying to be more like Edward Cullen


Elena: I saw Stefan Salvatore wearing a leather jacket and I wore a leather jacket and jeans.


Elena: I that Rosalie from twilight?
Stefan: No i think caroline tried to put glitter on without a mirror this morning


Elena: what are we looking at?


Stefan: C'mon Elena,just try.
Elena: But I suck at football. *thinking* I shouldn't have said 'suck', 'I'm horrible at football would have worked'.
Stefan: Try it, just for me.
Elena: You have to promise you can't laugh at me when I do.
Stefan: Promise.
* Throws ball but doesn't go far*
Stefan: *tries not to laugh*
Elena: Well..
Stefan: Hahahahahahahaha,I mean,good try.


Stefan: Elena please tell me my hair looks sexy pushed back.
Elena: Your hair looks sexy pushed back. ************************************************************ Elena: Matching outfits by day, blood sucking vamps by night. What's not to love?


Elena:oh stefan......u cant stand there smiling holding the football like forever....u need 2 throw it sometime or the other!!!
Stefan:(still smiling) But i dont know how to throw!!!!


Elena- You can't be serious.
Stefan- It's really not that difficult. Just hold the ball like this and aim for someone... like Damon. Throw hard.
Elena- You have a better chance of getting Caroline to go brunette.


Elena: Don't ever think about it. Football's gonna mess your hair.
Stefan: Thinks "Ahh.. Pig's skin. I remember when I used to eat pig."

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