The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 12

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We wish we could have awarded numerous winners in this week's Vampire Diaries Caption Contest.

After all, we're huge fans of the one good thing Lindsay Lohan has ever done, Mean Girls, and many readers submitted entries quoting that film.

But "Tom" came away with first place. His entry is posted below and it made us update our Netflix queue to relive this classic comedy. Thanks! And good luck to all next week!

6/11/10 caption contest

Bonnie: [writing] This girl is the meanest, nastiest girl I've ever met. She is a fugly slut. Do not trust her!
Grams: What are you doing there, sweetie?
Bonnie: Nothing. Just writing something about Elena.

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Grams:2X-18=9 see it shows you how to do it in the book Bonnie: I still don't understand it Grams! Its no use, no spell book will help me pass algebra


Bonnie: Oh, so that's how babies are born!


Bonnie: Grams, I love your hair! How did you get it so...bouncy?
Grams: It says right there, silly.


BONNIE: AIR, WATER, FIRE, EARTH......he's the last airbender gram! GRAM: Bonnie you are a dumbass, Damon is a frickin vampire, so deal with it and stop watching kiddie shows on nicholodean! BONNIE: *sigh* Aang is the only guy for me...oh did i say that outloud? (sorry for spelling)


Grams: Let's see... mystical water, mystical water... what were we thinking when we brought a bottle of tap?!


Bonnie: Times like this I wish I knew how to read...


Lol, Nikki


GRAMS: "So tell me what you have learned child..."
BONNIE: "Well i iknow for sure that i can change the girls hair color with this spell.."
GRAMS:"Well child you will have to save them first!!"
BONNIE: "True. Very true..."


GRAMS: Bon Bon dear, you've been searching for days in that stupid book, and I'm sorry for calling off the search, but we can't find it, so deal with it. BONNIE: BUT GRAM, WHERES MY CAR?


Grams: Now tell me what you learned.
Bonnie: B comes after A? Or was it C? D maybe?

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