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Grams: "Bonnie, hurry up!"
Bonnie:"Sssh Grams, I have to see when True Season 3 premieres toninght!


Bonnie: Lucis productum quoniam Damon is hawt rectus... wait, what the hell?
Sheila: Whoops, must've been a typo there...


Bonnie: This thing says we're going to need 200lbs of garlic.. Grams: Emily always was a crazy one.


Bonnie: "I just know waldo is in here somewhere.."

Grams: "Let me get a look. Maybe I have a spell that would work on this."


grams: no bonnie, it's levi-Ohsa not levioh-SAAA.


Bonnie: So that's how you put on socks!


Bonnie: Grams, I love your nails, it's a nice color on you!
Grams: Thank-you, I did it myself.
*IBonnie smiles*


Bonnie: OMG,that is so not true!
Grams: What is it Bonnie dear.
Bonnie: This says hate Justin Bieber, me and ELena listen to him all the time.


this should win i love it!!!!!

loveNatiee Says:
June 11th, 2010 11:34 PM

BONNIE: So this is the equation on how to win over stefan and lose elena?

GRAM: Exactly, continue your math...oh you forgot to carry the damon!

BONNIE: Ugh that always happens! Then divide by Jeremy?

GRAM: Of course darling! great job!


GRAMS: OOOH dear I SHOULD NOT have eaten those double fudge brownies! (farts)

BONNIE:Oh my god Gah-ram! Was that you? HOW EMBARRASING!

(Clique reference)

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