The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 13

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Many, many thanks to all who took part in this week's Caption Contest.

It was tempting to go with one of the many nurse/doctor references, but "RileyFord" came out on top for citing the one name who would stop any teenage girl in her tracks. To whom do we refer?

Check out the winning entry below and remember to come back and play every week on TV Fanatic!

Nurse pic

Elena: Whoa whoa whoa... did you just say Justin Bieber is coming to town!?!

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Elena: Hold it Matt! I'm sorry, but no matter how hard you try you will never be McSteamy in Grey's Anatomy.


Elena *whispering* : Matt, calm down. It's just blood. You won't hurt anybody. Stefan: Elena? Elena, what are you doing? I thought I was the vampire! Elena *whipsering* : Oh, I'm sorry. My mistake. Stefan, calm down. It's just blood. You won't hurt anybody. Matt: No, I'm a vampire too! Look, my teeth are longer! And I am so hungry! I wanna suck your blood! *Matt opens his mouth and shows his teeth to Elena.* Stefan: He's just trying to seduce you. Elena, I think that blood is calling me! Omg, I don't know how much I will resist! I think I will faint soon. Matt: Yeah, look who's talking.


*Stefan and Matt are glaring daggers at one another*
Elena: Hold up! Wait a minute! Put a little love in it!


Matt: "Hey!"
Elena: "Hey!"
Matt: "And you are... a slutty nurse?"
Cady: "An "ex-girlfriend..."


Elena: "Don't you just hate it when the Halliwell sisters ruin our show by freezing us in the middle of a scene, just because Bonnie pissed them off?"


Elena: Woah, Matt. Just stop RIGHT there. I am sorry but that blood does NOT go with your outfit...


Elena: Doctor Donovan, it's not what you think it is, Stefan did not steal all the blood from the hospital fridge...
Dr. Donovan: Ms. Gilbert, we have a surgery in 10 minutes, I expect you to leave your business with Mr. Salvatore and be in the operating room in two. [pause, eyes her chest] And Elena... button up.


MATT: THEJONASBROTHRESANDJUSTINBIEBERARECOMINGTOMORROWFORAONEDAYCONCERTINTHEPARKANDUHAVEAFREEETICKETFROMMEELENA!!!!!!! ELENA: Did you just say The jonas brothers and justin bieber are coming tomorrow for a one day concert in the park and I have a free ticket from you???(gets excited) MATT: What? I said where's the bathroom... STEFAN: They say the mind is the first thing to go....


Elena: Matt, you shouldn't judge. Stefan may be vampire, but he didn't kill anybody, while you have a foot around your neck.
Matt: Touch.
Stefan: It's touché,dude.
* Elena laughs and Matt leaves embarrassed*


hahaha to RileyFord!!

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