The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 14

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We have one word for you, Katherine: SERVED!

User "Ruairi Loughran" won this week's Vampire Diaries Caption Contest by taking you to town for your promiscuous ways. Check out this reader's great entry below.

Think you can top it next week? We hope you come out and play again! Best of luck!


Mr. Salvatore: I'm gonna get it in the hole....
Katherine: You'd be the third Salvatore today.

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Damon: Stefan are you telling me you slept with Katherine last night? that cant be bc i did also.
Stefan: wait what is she doing with father?
KAtherine: so are you just like Damon and Stefan?
Father: ooh yes .. they learned everything from me way?
Katherine: ooh i was just wnodering (evil laugh)


Father: I'm sorry Miss Katherine, but its very hard to concentrate.
Katherine: So thats where Stefan gets it from.
Father: Oh my boy Stefan is very bright. But I have to admit he gets it from his mother.
Katherine: That explains so much...


Katherine: Let me guess the sun was in your eyes... only I can use that excuse.


Kathrine: wow ..... you really suck at this


KATHERINE: Did you know that tomorrow the jonas brothers and justin bieber are coming to town? MR.SALVATOR: Who the hell are they? KATHERINE: Oh, right you aren't fromm the 21st century! *chuckles to self* Old people really annoy me!


Mr Salvatore: this is a powerful club, i wouldn't like to get hit over the head with it...... Katherine: i agree, Tiger's lucky he played golf!


Mr. Salvatore: im gonna get it in the hole.... Katherine: you'd be the 3rd Salvatore today


Giuseppe:"Oh darn, I dropped my ball!"


Giuseppe:"I believe there is something wrong with my ball, Ms. Katherne..."
Katherine:"Oh. That must be why Stefan's so whiny and broody..."


Katherine: Your not clinching your butt hard enough Mr. Salvatore.
Mr. Salvatore: How do I know if I am or not.
Katherine: You need to look like you have to pee more.

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