United States of Tara Season Finale Review: "From This Day Forward"

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Last night marked the second season finale of our favorite "crazy" family! And boy did it involve each and every one of our beloved characters!

"From This Day Forward" brought all the craziness to the table - and at Charmaine's wedding to boot!

Sharing a Wedding Dance

Honestly, Nick really showed his true colors of being a d**k. Why wait until the last possible second to break it off with Charmaine? He had plenty of opportunities and because Tara altered into Chicken is what set him off?

Really, why not end things when Charmaine admitted to him that the baby wasn't his? Poor form Nick, poor form.

What about how creepy Kate's new boyfriend is? He's a 27 year old man that wants to buy her a condo to keep her safe from her own family? Weirdo! Plus, his hair really bothers me! It's like he's trying to be some edgy conservative guy - you really can't be both!

We LOVE Marshall and Lionel together! Finally we have a somewhat normal relationship here people! The only thing that could potentially cause a rift would be Lionel's way too serious Gay Rights stand. We get that this is a very important matter, but Marshall needed him at his Aunt's wedding and because some dumb a** Republican creepy guy gives him his opinion on marriage, Lionel leaves? He should have realized how important it was for him to be there for Marshall.

How great was it that Neil came back to Charmaine!? We knew all along that these two were M.F.E.O! I bet next season they will be buying the old Hubbard house and live happily ever after - that is, as long as Nick stays out of the picture! What do you think? Is this the last we see of Nick?

So we finally get answers as to why Tara has her alters. She and Charmaine have a half brother from another mother! After all these years, her parents finally decide to tell her the truth about what really happened. Brice must have been sexually molesting Tara and it was Tara who protected Charmaine. Why on earth would her mother send them to a foster home!? If I were Tara's mother I would kick the living sh*t out of Brice! Ugh! Mother's like that shouldn't be allowed to have children.

What does this mean for Tara now that she knows why she is the way she is? Will the alters go away and back inside Tara and be one? We doubt that!

All in all, last night was jam packed with action on all accounts. We loved every minute of it and for us, the whole episode flew by! What did you think of the season finale? Leave your thoughts and opinions below - we love hearing from you!

Until next season, we leave you with a few of our favorite United States of Tara quotes:

Tara: When have you become so perfect?
Max: Since Shoshana put me on a low dose of prozac.
Tara: I wish she could prescribe. | permalink
Max: I'm proud of you?
Tara: For what?
Max: Everything. | permalink
Neil: Do you want to change out of that?
Charmaine: Nah f**ki it! | permalink
Charmaine: Is he alive? Where does he live? I've dated a lot of f**king guys in this state. | permalink
Tara: You should have protected me mom! | permalink
Kate: I'm the only one that can call my mom crazy. | permalink
Chicken: I wanna come to your wedding Char Char - Oh! Can I be your flower girl? | permalink
Charmaine: Tara, you know what today is? Today is my bullet train to a new life. | permalink
Marshall: Ron Paul? Really? | permalink


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I was in tears while watching this. It was rushed I felt, yes, but it was still a real delight. I love this crazy family and I felt so sorry for both sisters, but I'm glad Char's wedding was called off. We all knew Nick was such a d**k and Neil was the right guy for her all along! Season 3 has so much to explore now. I wonder if we'll ever see Bryce or if we'll ever find out what's the deal with old man Hubbard and how Tara will slowly overcome her DID.


I agree, Dan, it was incredibly convenient that Tara's dad "came down with" Alzheimer's and starting dropping bombshells about the past just because the plot required him to so things could be wrapped up neatly for the season finale. Overall, though, I was satisfied. I looked it up and, true, there will be a third season! Now that I think about it the mystery isn't entirely solved. We know a lot more but I think there may be more to it that can be investigated in the next season. After all, the flashbacks kept alluding to the Fourth of July, and we still don't know specifically what this trauma is that's associated with that day. Plus, Charmaine seemed extremely phobic about going into a basement back in the tornado episode--there must be something to that. My prediction is they will try to track down the brother, for either revenge or informational purposes, and further insights will be gained. If anyone who writes the show is reading this, please *bring back T!* My favorite alter! She appeared just once this season, very briefly. She's the most amusing to me so I'd like to see more.


had tara mentioned 'bryce' before?


I enjoyed this episode as its nice to have a resolution, but it did feel a little rushed to suddenly have her parents re-appear and spill the beans about the shockingly family secret. There was also a fair bit of shabby writing: The two kids partners were shipped off so the five core family members could witness the big reveal privately, that felt a bit clunky. Also Taras behaviour at the beginning half of the episode was amazingly self centred, I realise shes getting closer to the truth, but she almost seemed determined to force the situation with her parents on her sisters wedding day, she couldn't wait one day to find out? Also was her father pre-Alzheimers before? Weren't her parents offering to look after Kate and Moosh just a few months ago, seems a tad incongruous, maybe I am not remembering it properly, but has Taras father degenerated so fast he rushes into bathrooms and reveals deep dark secrets all the time. Many aspects of it all felt rushed, perhaps they thought they weren't going to get renewed and wanted to tie things up. That said i am glad they will be back for a third season, hopefully Tara can integrate and we can see the rest of the family as well, ultimately the people are what his shows worth watching for, not the story.


I'm thinking of course this will be the last we see of Nick. He left Char at the altar, why would he be back? I wonder if there will be a season 3? I like this show a lot, but if it ended as is it might be a good place for it. Now that the mystery of Tara's trauma has been solved, I wonder what direction the show could go in the future.


To those that feel that Lionel should have been the bigger man, swallowed his pride and stayed at the wedding to support Marshall, let's remember Lionel is a teenager, who's emotions are often nilly willy, teenagers hearts and brains are also not fully developed and as such they are not always as rational and are not as wise as we perfect adults who always behave correctly and with open hearts in every situation (heavy sarcasm).


I too had a mother who did not protect me from physical, emotional and sexual abuse, she was a woman raised in the 50s who's identity and financial security was tied to the husband, woman raised pre 70s/80s often put up with a lot of crap and abuse due to fear of being left all alone with children she feared she could not afford to take care of, it was the 70s and the womans rights movement, equal pay, self esteem, independence did not come easy for women raised in the 50s, I'm not defending my mother or Tara's mother, Tara's mother should have at least told her daughter what had happened instead of watching her struggle all those years.


Ok. Maybe I missed something huge, but the previews and summary of this ep said that Kate and Marshall would discover a huge chunk of the reason why Tara has alters. I never saw the two of them figure something out that no one else noticed. Tivo's summary was misleading. ha!


I agree with Mrs. Northman. No need to get your panties in a twist over one bigot!!! I'm gay and in this scenario, Lionel should have let his feelings on this issue stand and be the bigger man and be there for his man.


I am not saying what Zack said was in anyway right, I agree it was unnecessary and perhaps Marshall should have said something - but the matter at hand was about Charmaine getting married and Lionel knew how important it was for Marshall to have him be there. It wasn't like Marshall could leave.
There are a lot of ignorant people - and if you let every one of them get to you like that, you're going to be missing the bigger picture.

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