Yes, Georgina is Really Pregnant on Gossip Girl

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On the recent Gossip Girl season finale, Georgina Sparks returned and dropped a bomb in the closing moments - a baby bomb. On Dan. She says she's carrying his child!

Many fans were quick to call BS because, well, it's Georgina.

E! Online reveals today, though, that Georgina is really, truly pregnant, and not faking it. Whether it's Dan's baby is still subject to debate, but the evil one is knocked up.

Michelle Trachtenberg cleared this up personally, saying: "Yes, and I'm trying to spread the rumor that I actually was pregnant in real life, too, so that everybody could start talking about how great I look after the baby. I really shed the weight."

What a great quote.

A Sparks Sighting

How will Georgina's latest story line play out when Gossip Girl returns?

Meanwhile, E! notes that the actress just signed to portray Chuck's new lady, Clemence Poesy, is indeed under contract for multiple episodes, but as a recurring character only, and not on series regular status (at least not yet), so you can make of that what you will.

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    Ha ha I think the first post sums up everyone's feeginls perfectly Oh. My. God!That is SOOOOO terrible!!I think she'll be over destroying Serena, as she has nothing on her now but BLAIR- she'd better watch her back. Serena could RIP to shreds Ooooh and there might be some Serena/ Vanessa tension scenes- her return COULD be good for plot development actually but I think will actually cry, if she is any more EVIL and manipulative then she was this season knowing the CW, I have a WHOLE box of Kleenex ready lol


    Your articles are for when it ablsuoetly, positively, needs to be understood overnight.


    it'll be dan's, then serena & dan won't ever be together and then georgina will screw everything up. GEORGINA SUCKS. go back to bible camp.


    she got pregnant in season 3 @ the beginning.. rmember wen they were dating?


    chuck and blair are meant to be no matter what he does to blair. remember how in season 3 how they say that 'playing games' is fun and they like that about their relationship? i hate chuck for finding a new girl, him and blair will end up together in the end, i bet you. blair + chuck, chuck + blair. i love yous.


    serena and dan are not meant to be. I HATE YOU GEORGINA SPARKS.


    I don't want it to be Dans,,, Dan and Serena are such a cute couple :)


    question, when was the last time they slept together?


    It totally blew my mind that Georgina is Harriet the Spy!


    I hope it's totally Dan's baby. Time for him to man up and get the hell over Serena. It's been over a year, and even before their parents married they were already over. I like them as a couple, but since not only are their parents still together and unlikely to ever really get over each other if they do break up, but there's Scott. It would be awesome to see whether Georgina gets Mama Bear crazy or Mother Dearest evil.