Yes, Georgina is Really Pregnant on Gossip Girl

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On the recent Gossip Girl season finale, Georgina Sparks returned and dropped a bomb in the closing moments - a baby bomb. On Dan. She says she's carrying his child!

Many fans were quick to call BS because, well, it's Georgina.

E! Online reveals today, though, that Georgina is really, truly pregnant, and not faking it. Whether it's Dan's baby is still subject to debate, but the evil one is knocked up.

Michelle Trachtenberg cleared this up personally, saying: "Yes, and I'm trying to spread the rumor that I actually was pregnant in real life, too, so that everybody could start talking about how great I look after the baby. I really shed the weight."

What a great quote.

A Sparks Sighting

How will Georgina's latest story line play out when Gossip Girl returns?

Meanwhile, E! notes that the actress just signed to portray Chuck's new lady, Clemence Poesy, is indeed under contract for multiple episodes, but as a recurring character only, and not on series regular status (at least not yet), so you can make of that what you will.

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I hope it's not Dan's.


@Sairra, my thoughts exactly! The show would be a total downer if there was a baby. Plus it would ruin Dan and Serena and they're totally meant for each other. I don't really think it is his kid, though. It's probably just another one of Georgina's schemes.


oh my god i can't think that the baby could be dan's


This is dumb. Georgina should get much more exciting plots than a pregnancy. A pregnancy is kind of desperate for the writers. It screams "we are running out of exciting twists." Rufus & Lily's baby drama with Scott was enough (too much) soapiness already.


i really hate it if the boy is dan's child !
i really hope dan will be back with serena again


Really hope it's not Dan's, teen pregnancy ruins everything = S. This show is supposed to encompass youth and the carefree life, not stupid Daddy/baby time. If it is Scott's I hope they don't delve into the whole baby thing too deeply and Georgina just leaves (but I reckon it's going to be some Russian guys hopefully). Frankly babies on TV shows annoy me. I'm crossing my fingers because she went to Chuck and Blair first so hopefully it's not Dan's. I reckon it would have been even cooler if she had been faking it.


O em gee. I bet he's not Dan's. maybe Scott's? or a new guy who will be the new Blair's flame but he doesn't know 'cause Georgie wants Dan? x_x
gee, I've started with new speculations :x
...Hmm...Season 4 sounds so cool to me right now.


I think it's probably Scott's baby. That would make sense...but if it IS Dan's baby, then that's his own fault. That's what he gets for not listening to everyone (especially Blair) about Georgina for the past 3 seasons. I honestly think he deserves it at this point. And maybe if he is the father, Vanessa won't be back!! (we can only hope)


Love the Serenate fans and Dan haters here. :)


I really hope it's Dan's baby, so he can be very far away from Serena and Blair. They both deserve better than him.

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