Yes, Georgina is Really Pregnant on Gossip Girl

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On the recent Gossip Girl season finale, Georgina Sparks returned and dropped a bomb in the closing moments - a baby bomb. On Dan. She says she's carrying his child!

Many fans were quick to call BS because, well, it's Georgina.

E! Online reveals today, though, that Georgina is really, truly pregnant, and not faking it. Whether it's Dan's baby is still subject to debate, but the evil one is knocked up.

Michelle Trachtenberg cleared this up personally, saying: "Yes, and I'm trying to spread the rumor that I actually was pregnant in real life, too, so that everybody could start talking about how great I look after the baby. I really shed the weight."

What a great quote.

A Sparks Sighting

How will Georgina's latest story line play out when Gossip Girl returns?

Meanwhile, E! notes that the actress just signed to portray Chuck's new lady, Clemence Poesy, is indeed under contract for multiple episodes, but as a recurring character only, and not on series regular status (at least not yet), so you can make of that what you will.

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Clemence? A regular?? NO!!!!!! Chuck and Blair are forever, if she stays as a series regular, what will happen to Chair? Argh! I hate the writers right now...hopefully they can get CB out of this mess....


It CAN'T be Dan's baby because they had sex at the beginning of the season and Georgina is still pregnant. While Dorota gave birth to her baby just a few episodes after she discovered she was pregnant!
And.. it would totally ruin the show for me actually, they can't make any of the regulars have children yet.. it doesn't fit the show and what it's all about.
Most importantly, that would RUIN Dan & Serena.... and the writers would NEVER do that. (At least they shouldn't if they where smart, because they have a huge number of fans) Actually, it would ruin Dan's chances for a normal relationship with anyone..


i hope Dan's is the father.. stay away from Serena.. Serena belongs to Nate.. Dan annoying... please3x writers make it, its Dan baby...


No no. not Dan's baby. they know they would ruin the character if they did that. they'll probably show Dan trying to deal with it, be a good father and all but then finally realizes it's not his. but it gives a chance for his character development.


i dont think its Dan's baby. she just wants a reason to get back into the upper east side. but what's with the blond look? she looks weird- almost hookerish. she looked more wicked and mean as a brunette. but i love her! trust her to spice up any storyline- derena from S1, poppy lipton scam or this year @NYU!


Season 4 seems to be really crazy!!


i actually kinda hope thts dans baby (it could b possible) bcuz i like serenate and i rly hope they get back together IMO


Do you remember Georgie leaving with Scott during the first part of the season? I think its Scott's baby boy.


LOL! Hahaha, I hope it is Dan's baby. It won't be though. Blair or Serena will do some sort of detective and work out whose it is. It it obviously going to happen. This IS Gossip Girl. The writers are just trying to make us jump out of our chairs. If Dan were the ather, they'd make Georgina a main character - unless she eaves the baby with him or does a runner with the kid. OR she gives it up or adoption. I don't know. But not something really to talk about.


I love Clemence Posey, she's great!
I want to see her with Chuck they will look great together :)

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