Blair Beware: Katie Cassidy to Shake Up Gossip Girl

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Blair Waldorf may rule the Upper East Side, but best not take a certain newcomer lightly.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the Katie Cassidy-Leighton Meester death match is so on this season, as Stephanie Savage reveals that Cassidy’s character will be a vixen who tangles with several characters, including the show’s reigning Queen B.

“When we had the idea for the role we knew there was going to be a really short list of actresses who could actually stand up to Blake [Lively] and Leighton on the screen,” says the show's executive producer. “Katie Cassidy felt like a great choice.”

We couldn't agree more, and can't wait to see what they come with for her.

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If she's as good as she sounds, I hope she sticks around for a while.


so she messes with serena too? i guess that means serenate isnt over yet! :)


Ohhhh I love Katie Cassidy, she is the only reason I watched the new Melrose Place. She was amazing on it and she played a great character. She would totally rule Gossip Girl; she is a great addition to the new season, she is so beautiful and sexy (sexiest one on Gossip GIrl definetly). Can;t wait, she really is an amazing actress, I bet they wiull make her charcter reoccur and even better become a regular. Whose with me on this; kick out Jenny Humpfrey or Vanessa Abrahams and make Katie Cassidy the star of Gossip Girl. But Nate is extra boring which I have a problem with, hopefully she could make Nate's character actually worth watch for. So effin excited about seeing this sexy woman come back, I was crying once I heard Melrose Place was canceled :(


There's only room for one vixen on the UES, and that's Blair! :)
She'll take the bitch down! lol


She had it coming, she had it coming, she only had herself to blame... If you had been there, if you had seen, you know that you would have done the same.

Kimberly anne

Ugh, I am so sick of stupid Nate getting into loveless and meaningless relationships right away with new characters. First it was Katherine, Bree, not to mention Vanessa and Jenny and now this girl. Boooooring. He doesn't deserve to get this many girls. He needs to be a better actor to earn that.
This girl should totally go for Chuck because that is the only logical reason why she can Blair might clash. Of course I don't Chuck to fall in love with this chich, because let's face it, Blair and him are meant to be. For the time being, this would be an interesting plot.
The quote the producers said would almost be right if they took out the Blake Lively part. Come on, Anyone woul dbe a step up from her. It is Leighton that no other actresses can compete with. Blake has a long way to go to be a good actress.


its ok but i want nate and blair to be together!!!!!!!!!!!!!
they should have katie and chuck together! not very happy :(


She looks so much older than the cast.I cant picture her as a collage student,she looks like she is in lily's age!


Please don't mess with Dan and Serena


It's about time they brought on a real threat that challenges blair's character, i've been waiting for one since the very first season. If the show doesn't pick up for season 4, like if the writers pull another season 3, the show is down the drain, i really hope it can pull through. I mean the plot-holes in season 3 were beyond rid.ic.u.lous, a 12year old could write a more apt script..

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