Blair Redford Lands Recurring Role on 90210

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This might not make up for the depressing news that all three Kardashians sisters will appear on the season two premiere of 90210, but it's a promising casting scoop:

Blair Redford has signed on for a recurring role.

The actor - who starred on a number of episodes of Passions and appeared last season on both FlashForward and CSI: Miami - will come aboard 90210 as Oscar, a British friend of Ivy's who moves in with her and her mother.

Blair Redford

Look for this character to stir up some major trouble in his new zip code.

90210 premieres its third season on a new night: Monday, September 13.

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Well, I don't think that its such a bad idea to put him in the show , and i really hope that they some way cancel Annie , she is so boring why don't the police catch her and send her to juvy for killing jasper's uncle , if Annie is out of the show it will be much better than it is now , she is such a terrible actress , and so boring and unconvincing , all she does is whine all the time wich makes me so annoyed.


They need to focus on the core like Annie, Dixon, Silver, Naomi, Liam, Navid, and Adrianna. Not all this extra crap and they need to bring back some of the parents and the origonal characters because that's what people want to see.


milona, I so agree w/ this. They take the meaning of RLs away from this show. Can they cancel it already? srsly WTF cares about this guy, the cast is already too big, the RLs have the length of a short straw, I'm done, what sucks is that this comes on first and GG comes right after. This show is a mess.


yey so this means that ivy can hook up with this guy??? awesome!!!!! finally something to look out for next season!!! i cant wait!!!!!


too many characters... they have made the show a mess and nothing can recreate it


Finally something interesting on this show! They needed a new bad boy now that Liam's too nice.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.