Covert Affairs Review: "Walter's Walk"

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The second episode of Covert Affairs was entertaining, though predictable.

The moment Annie turned away from her sister's will initially, I could have won a lot of money wagering that "Walter's Walk" would conclude with her signing it and having a realization about family.

Something also seemed off about that MI6 agent from the beginning, as the show spent an unusual amount of time focusing on him and Annie.

All that said, there's a lot to like about Covert Affairs. Such as...

Piper Perabo and Christopher Gorham: Both play their roles perfectly, as the former mixes beauty with intelligence and sass and vulnerability. The latter, meanwhile, makes us wonder if he blinded himself for the role. From the moment we met Auggie, he's been believable as a blind person. Amazing.

Joan and Arthur: Last week, we were treated to the humorous way in which these two sort through marital issues (using CIA resources). This week, we saw how they make up (ignoring CIA resources). Good stuff all around, especially as tension is bound to continue to build due to Arthur's Ben Mercer agenda.

Solid sequences: The montage of crazy walk-ins, and the fighting lessons between Auggie and Annie, were both fun to watch.

CIA Meeting

We were also introduced to Sendhil Ramamurthy as Jai Wilcox this week. So far, I don't buy see in the role at all.

As a former Heroes viewer, it's jarring to hear the actor speak without an accent. He's also so ingrained in my mind as Dr. Mohiner Suresh from that failed NBC drama that I just laugh at the notion of him as a cocky operative.

I'm curious: How do non-Heroes fans feel about the actor and the role? It's early, but are you buying it?

I'd still like to see Anne Dudek used in a better way as Annie's sister. In some dream universe, she reveals herself to have a spy background or a history with the CIA just to involve this character more in pertinent storylines - but I won't hold my breath for that.

As for Ben, I'm glad we only got a brief mention of him this week. The show can stand on its own without this issue hanging over it. With Perabo and Gorham leading the way, Covert Affairs is in good hands.


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"It's fun to see a woman kick a mans butt." Go do some muff diving and free the world from your stupid comments...


I liked this episode. It was a little slower than the last one. I found it predictable too but in the sense that tv shows like this one have certain tropes that they follow. The main character is an Action girl, who has a technical person connected to her via her cell phone. She can fight and beat up most men. The only think missing is a villianous/anti-heroic counter part. To see what I mean see any episode of Kim Possible. All that said I love this show. I have loved every show like it. It's fun to see a woman kick a mans butt.


I liked Sendhil Ramamurthy's character. It's a great change of pace from his Heroes role. He's using his real (i.e. American) accent on Covert Affairs, which he's used before in other projects (like his guest appearance on Psych last season); I didn't find it jarring. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens between him and Annie. Good show thus far.

Covert Affairs Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Crazy man: I know who killed Kennedy.
Annie: It's been well-documented that Kennedy was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald.
Crazy man: Ted Kennedy.

Finally, a space with windows. Or so I'm told.