Thursdays 9:00 PM on USA
"Trompe Le Monde"

On the Covert Affairs Season 4 finale, Annie and Auggie work to bring Henry down while Calder wonders who he can trust now that he's back in the U.S.

"There Goes My Gun"

Joan and Arthur hope to reveal a traitor while Annie, Auggie, and Calder go on an off the books mission on Covert Affairs.

"River Euphrates"

Joan finds a lead while Annie gets new information that sends her back to New York on Covert Affairs.

"No. 13 Baby"

When details of her despostion come to light, it drives a wedge between Joan and Arthur while Auggie's ex still has feelings for him on Covert Affairs.

"Something Against You"

Joan questions Auggie and Calder's alliance when they work together to take down Henry on Covert Affairs.

Covert Affairs is back! This is the first episode of the back half of Season 4.

"Levitate Me"

Annie ends up going head to head with Calder as she tries to take down Henry on Covert Affairs.

"Hang Wire"

On Covert Affairs, Annie heads to Copenhagen in an attempt to apprehend Teo while Auggie realizes where Calder's loyalties lie.

"I've Been Waiting For You"

When Annie ask Teo to help neutralize Henry, he must go against one of his own and Joan makes a shocking choice on Covert Affairs.

"Crackity Jones"

Annie tries to stop the sale of deadly weapons by teaming up with a seasoned operative on Covert Affairs.