Creator of Glee Hints at Britney Spears, Michael Jackson Episodes

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Nothing is confirmed, and no quotes are on the record, but it's looking increasingly likely that Glee will dedicate episodes next season to Britney Spears and Michael Jackson.

The Britney rumor has been floating around for weeks and Entertainment Tonight reports creator Ryan Murphy has confirmed that he's penning an installment based around this singer's songs.

Brit and MJ

As for MJ? Glee will air in the coveted post-Super Bowl spot in February. Murphy says he's planning a major tribute episode for that night and said ET was "close" when it guessed Jackson would be at the center of it.

We'll have more on these rumblings when they are closer to fact, but sound off now in our Glee forum:

Which rumored tribute episode has you more excited?

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Michael is a Icon. The greatest entertainer that ever lived. Britney is alive and well and a tribute to her can be done anytime. Michael Jackson has done so much for the music industry, he changed the music industry and has done so much for the world. He deserves to honored with a tribute on Glee. It would be a hudge ratings jummp for the show too.


would love to see a mj tribute.
LONG LIVE THE KING OF MUSIC! r.i.p michael jackson


i really prefer a michael jackson episode i love britney but but michael is the king of music if they don't honor him then ryan murphy is just being selfish enough with the girl episodes do some guy episodes too for goodness sake MICHAEL JACKSON ALRIGHT PERIOD.


Michael Jackson is/was on top of his game. He knew every angle in and out to his profession. He earned every title and awards there were even had some made up just for him by during it the hard way, he earned them. Unlike some titles were given to a few he earned his. He deserves to be honored on Glee. Britney Spears is okay but Michael Jackson was and still is the King of the crops.


As "The Greatest Entertainer That Ever Lived " Michael Jackson should be honored. He deserved it, earned his Title and lived up to his title. Britney Spears is okay but Michael Jackson is/was the King of the crop.


Michael Jackson deserves this more than anyone. I mean, he is the greatest entertainer that ever lived, so it's only right. Glee is full of entertainment and MJ is the king of it, so get MJ on there ASAP:) MJ forever:)


Michael Jackson deserves this more than anyone. I mean, he is the greatest entertainer that ever lived, so it's only right. Glee is full of entertainment and MJ is the king of it, so get MJ on there ASAP:)


I HATEEEE BRITNEY SPEARS! PLEASE DON´T DO A BRITNEY EPISODE! that would be just a waste of time. Thank you. An MJ-Episode would be awesome.He deserves to be remembered and honored. Long live the King. Spread the Love like he did it. Xo


A britney episode would be quite cool although I don't like Britney that much I still think it would be good ;) I HATEEEE MICHAEL JACKSON! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE DON'T DO AN MJ EPISODE! x :)


I would LOVE to see a tribute to Michael Jackson on Glee. He deserves to be remembered and honored always!!

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