Gossip Girl Caption Contest 111

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Welcome to the 111th the Gossip Girl Caption Contest, Upper East Siders!

This week's GG Caption Contest winner is SealTheDeal. Congratulations!

The winning entry (and Vampire Diaries tie-in) appear below the photo.

Honorable mentions go out to sleepyhead, honeygirl and Julia.

Thanks to all for playing and good luck again next week!

Strolling in the City of Light

Serena: So B, now that Chuck is out of the picture, who's your new love interest?
Blair: Two words: Damon. Salvatore.

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Serena : HAHAHAHAH I don't believe you!
Blair : I swear! that's his cum-face (chuck)


SERENA: Why are your eyes closed? BLAIR: Shhhh im trying to imagine that you are Taylor Lautner, and we are on a romantic Paris vacation together. That'll show that basshole. SERENA: HAHA....oh wait ur serious? then uh *changes to man voice* hey babe feel my abs! HAHAH


SERENA: Why are your eyes closed? BLAIR: Im trying to imagine we are in PARIS FRANCE SERENA: ....i said im SORRY!!! You should have booked the tickets then! how was i supposed to tell the difference between paris texas and paris france!! they seem alike to me! BLAIR: Oh look. tumbleweed.


BLAIR: Did you hear SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER got nominated for a TEEN CHOICE AWARD???? SERENA: YES! THATS WHY IM LAUGHING!!! BLAIR: ABC has too much pride to cancel the damn show!


S:OMG B did you see Chuck with that hoe bag slut!.....B why do you have your eyes shut closed?
B:For I won't forget my chocie on leaving this aweful lame show that makes below 1 million viewers and crossing over to The Vampire Diaries


serena: OMG Blair, some one just fell on their face! did u see that?!
Blair: stop talking....i feel an orgasm coming on


serena: OMG B! ive never seen you eat so many macaroons!! blair: its a reflex. everytime something happens with chuck i turn to laduree.


Serena: you'er dress is making me hungry.
Blair(smiles): works every time.


Blair: Oh God, I think I'm having a chocorgasm. This is amazing!
Serena: I know, I totally agree. Don't finish those in the pink box, I still want some.


Serena: What the hell are we eating? Blair: How am I supposed to know? I have my eyes closed, too!

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