Gossip Girl Cast: On Location in Paris!

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France has officially been invaded by the cast of Gossip Girl. As of Monday morning, Leighton Meester and Blake Lively were seen filming, with respective mystery men no less!

The ladies looked wonderful, as usual and as expected.

As for the great Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass), he was spotted a little bit later, shooting scenes with guest star Clemence Poesy. Check out an entire gallery of thumbnails here.

Check out Blake and Leighton below. What do you suppose could be happening with Blair and Serena in the scenes they're filming? When and how will Chuck get into the mix?

Leave us a comment below and tell us:

Leighton and Mystery Man
Blake and Mystery Man

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Where are they shooting?


they look like they've grown up, hopefully they do in the show and they act like it to...but if the show is as good as the photo's I would say...come on.....season 5.


What the hell is the guy with Blair,I mean are they serious..that guy is pretty down grade for her even he tries to dress up as a gentleman ,it just doesn't work for him.He seems like 40 year old thin and annoying man.Blair shouldn't waste time with those ugly types and has to get back together with Chuck asap otherwise she will be forgotton by him as you see the French chick beside.I can't stand to see neither Blair nor Chuck with other people,they belong together.


Serena's outfits are fantastic.Blair 's are a little bit disappointment for me.And Blair s new guy is fugly.Eva is pretty but not as perfect as Blair.


All of Blair and Clemence's outfits are PERFECT! *applause for stylists* Now I am even more excited for Season 4. Serena looks good, but she looks good IN SPITE of the blue pants, not BECAUSE of them. Pants that are shaped like that are not flattering to anyone. Her green dress is not bad. I like that the striped shirt reminds me of the pilot episode.


It looks like Eric's sleeping on the job. The fashion picks here are terrible, with the exception of Chuck. But then Ed probably showed up to the set wearing that. Are the fashions going to go the way of the writing - in the toilet?


OMG. this is just me, but the outfit makes chuck look sooooo much hotter. and a limp, YOU SERIOUS. like he kinda has this swagger already, but i thkn he can pull it out sexy anyway. and blair looks so cute in that dress. :) i wish they make chair go back on asap. XD. so excited!


how do you know, that Chuck will be working at the boulangerie?
i want chair together. if they don't end up together, it'll be a disaster. ^


I would love it if Chuck went to Columbia, it certainly would be interesting and completely diffent lol.


my thoughts:
1. Chuck is a waiter at a boulangerie where he meets eva. He gets back to his roots- hilarious!
2. He will then return to NYC and go to Columbia, with Blair, because when he applied for her, he also applied for himself! The producers said he would totally change: that would be a change. the business man turned student...? back to school with Nate also?
... also- they are filming at a uni in paris arn't they... maybe he is studying there? WOOOOOOOooooooEEEEEEEEE Im so excited!

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