Leighton and Mystery Man
Leighton Meester and a mystery man on location in Paris. The Gossip Girl crew is filming there as of July 5, 2010.

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eurobass - the european chuck bass!


Love her bracelet though!


Good grief, I must be the only one who thinks her outfit is all sorts of wrong. Blair would NEVER wear that! There far too many patterns that just make her look like a mess! She can either keep the blouse or the skirt, but not BOTH on the same outfit!


Blair looks so cute! and those Louboutin's are hot!


I absolutely adore the clashing patterns. Everybody knows it's in at the moment. She looks so nice and summerish here.


Actually, it is a dress. Not a shirt/skirt combo.


blair's shirt looks really cute! mayb w/ a different skirt though
but this guy kinda reminds me of chuck i mean probbly not as cute but like his posture kinda


Blair is probably thinking about Chuck.

Elise of the upper east side

that shirt is so cute but it'd look 100% better w/ a solid skirt instead of an ugly clashing pattern.


aww B looks adorable!

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