Hey, Guys, Now Will You Watch Nikita?

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Nikita is an action-packed new series premiering this fall on The CW after The Vampire Diaries.

It looks interesting and fast-paced and you can check out a clip from the pilot episode HERE.

But just in case all of this information isn't enough to sell guys on the show, star Maggie Q has posed for a trio of promotional photos. It's safe to say that if these don't draw in the young male demographic, nothing will...

Nikita Promo Pic
Maggie Q for Nikita
Maggie Q Picture

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The lack of updates for this show is really disappointing. @Nick - Are you serious? Maggie Q is the most honest and charming person ever.


well i'm male, i'm 28, i'm not gay and i don't find this lady attractive. especially on the first photo, so cheap and tacky it could be a cover of a porn movie. i've seen an interview with maggie q the other day and she doesn't seem like a very bright person either... after seeing new nikita's pilot i understood why cw is promoting the show this way... it was boring. and stupid. i find it all very disappointing as i was really looking forward to see some good tv. la femme nikita was classy and sophisticated and so was peta wilson, alberta watson and the rest of the cast. new nikita is as mysterious as roseanne, acting, except maybe shane west is on "the bold and the beautiful" level, it's just sad to look at.


I'm not a male or a lesbian, so these pictures do nothing for me really. But she does look bad ass, and the show looks decent.


Nikita Quotes

Nice. Awkward. Girls like awkward. Makes them feel special.


Percy: At least one good thing came out of this: now you know who your real friends are.

Nikita Music

  Song Artist
Elephant song Elephant Song The Enemy iTunes
Song Fuego Bomba Estereo iTunes
The step and the walk The Step And The Walk The Duke Spirit iTunes