James Tupper Cast on Grey's Anatomy as Andrew Perkins

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Back in the day, when James Tupper was on Men In Trees, ABC dubbed him McTreemy in ads hyping the show, a take on Grey's Anatomy's McDreamy and McSteamy. The Anne Heche-led comedy-drama didn't really pan out, but Tupper has scored a role on Grey's!

The traumatized doctors at Seattle Grace-Mercy West are about to find a silver lining in May’s deadly hostage standoff, according to EW: Meetings with Dr. Andrew Perkins.

Tupper, who was also on Mercy, is joining Grey’s Anatomy in the recurring role of the trauma counselor there to help the staff recover from that season-ending bloodbath.

He's currently on board for at least two episodes. Grey’s Anatomy kicks off its seventh season Thursday, September 23 with an episode titled “With You I’m Born Again.”

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What are your thoughts on this latest Grey's Anatomy casting move?

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oh my yummy! I also agree that some may not get over their trauma because they don't talk about their feelings


he is sexy..go greys


easy on the eyes... niiiccceee... i agree with some of you that say that they wont get over their trauma cause none of them ever talk.. about, like anything...


I'm thinking that at this time ,i'd doi a change 2 to prize of 1 ,April and Teddy out and James in as regular,this can do Shonda ,but the time remainting for your favorite character is anything .I think that the mistake greatest than Shonda 'm doing.Too much people in this show dissuades the attention from favorite characters and then Shonda herself amazes these want to go away from the show


I sincerely hope he's only around for 2 episodes. I don't understand the point in casting a new role for this when the writers can finally give more story to Dr. Wyatt, Meredith's therapist. I really enjoyed Amy Madigan's performance and she already has a connection to Meredith and Owen - two very complicated people who really need to talk about what happened that day. It would be nice for Derek to meet the woman that helped his post-it note "wife" become whole and healed while she's helping him heal. Damn it, GA writers, develop the wonderful characters you've already introduced to us. Why keep casting new people when the core cast isn't fully developed yet? It's frustrating and I think it's a disservice to the regulars and reoccuring actors. Please, let him BE GONE after two episodes. Okay, getting off of my soap box now :)


I agree with anuflas, SR keeps picking up actors who's previous series have been cancelled. Aren't there lots more folk from 24, lost, Heros and the overly complicated Flash Forwerd looking for work too? Could I just ask, is the hospital coat he's wearing from a previous time when he played a doc?


I loved him in Mercy, and I can't wait to see him interact will all the girls in Grey's Anatomy.


Enough with the hot men doctors :) I think it's high time two men coupled on the show. Let's find out that Avery is bisexual and is kinda attracted to rugged guys and they start a relationship with ups and downs, constantly on and off :)


If he's gonna help them get over there trauma I just hope they won't do an "Therapy episode" like One Tree Hill did a few years ago, an episode where they just talked, with a therapist, adaption agency or a friend. But I do hope that everyone will talk about what happend that day. I guess Christina and Meredith will have a hard time with it, but it was only three people who got away from being shot while Mr Clark pointed his gun at them, Christina, Lexie and April. So I guess they will have a tough time to get over that. But hopefully they can all help each other. And with this casting call it's gonna be interesting.


Here's the thing: He's supposed to help them get over the trauma, but none of them ever talk about their feelings, except Lexie, and April occassionally rambles on about her farm. I don't think any of those guys will be healed in two episodes, especially Lexie and Derek, who blame themselves. Also, to those of you who say he's going to be with Teddy, Teddy isn't going to jump from Owen to a brand new guy at the very beginning of the season. She needs time to deal.

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