Louie Review: The Ugliest Penis of All-Time

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This week's episode of Louie was as random, hilarious and unique as the FX show's opening pair last Tuesday.

Ricky Gervais guest-starred as the most inappropriate doctor in television history, diagnosing Louie with AIDS by looking into his eyes and then laughing uproariously over the comedian's naked body. Specifically, Louie's penis. His ugly, ugly, ugly penis.

Standing in front of his patient, Gervais' doctor said: "This is the worst thing that's ever happened to me, and my dad hung himself in front of me, while masturbating."

Doing Stand-Up

From there, Louis added a dose of politically incorrect humor, focusing on how black people don't tip.

We were then treated to a semi-serious conversation between Louie and fellow comic Nick DiPaolo (the homophobic poker player from last week's second episode), as Louie said he'd eat out Obama's asshole... not because he's gay, but just to be a part of history.

But the talk turned ugly when Nick took offense to being called a Nazi.

C.K. also offered up a pair of hilarious stand-up bits, first about his 42-year old body and then focusing on an encounter with a homeless man (sorry, a "particularly" homeless man) outside the Port Authority in New York City.

If you didn't watch the episode, you may be confused by references to horrid private parts, cheap African-Americans, Hitler and the sad streets of NYC.

But if you did tune in, you're likely cracking up right now thinking back to all these absurd references and topics. Amazing stuff.


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Louis C.K. deserves serious kudos for creating a show that, from the start, went off the rails. I can't remember the last time I simultaneously laughed my ass off one second and confronted serious challenges to my belief system the next. Three episodes in, I'm already reserving a spot on the (dusty) shelf for the DVD collection - here's hoping that box set has at least two-three seasons worth of material. The great thing about the format is that C.K. can experiment within episodes, play around with ideas and take the concept to outer limits (or The Outer Limits, if he wants--that'd be cool too). Great things are in store, methinks.

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