Pretty Little Liars Music: "The Homecoming Hangover"

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We've already reviewed the latest Pretty Little Liars episode.

We've also held a Round Table discussion on it.

But we're not done with "The Homecoming Hangover" just yet.

Emily and Jenna

As usual, the episode delivered its share of fun and emotional music. We've collected all songs in our Pretty Little Liars music section and we've listed a few examples below:

  • 2AM Club - "Let Me Down Easy"
  • Katie Herzig - "Wish You Well" Buy on iTunes
  • Ingrid Michaelson - "Starting Now" Buy on iTunes
  • Diego Boneta - "Siempre Tu" Buy on iTunes
  • White Hinterland - "Icarus" Buy on iTunes

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Oh my thank you so much kiloran! I am in love with that song now. I have been trying to find it for so long!


You left out Missy Higgins' - "Where I stood". It's playing in the scene where Emily drives by Jenna's house and Aria looks at Ezra's book.


i am so mad, its just that they never play R&B songs on the show and there are some good songs out in that genre that would totally embody the relatioship status of most of these couples. Its sad how people just disregard that type of music. I just hope they would start doing it on the videos on youtube.


I'm digging Siempre Tu. PLL music! Check out the video by Orelia for the song Suggestions as heard on Pretty Little Liars.


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Jenna's back, and she's knocking into walls.


Lord help the mister who comes between me and my sister.