Rookie Blue Review: "Fite Nite"

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Rookie Blue is a police show that doesn't offer viewers anything remotely original.

It's chock full of cliches, all of which were on display on "Fite Nite." The main character has an alcoholic father; there was a case involving domestic abuse in which the wife took back her husband; a work relationship is complicated by the blurring of personal and professional lives.

But its lack of creative storylines is not my biggest problem with the show.

Instead, I simply find it boring. For a series centered around police, the cases aren't especially suspenseful or dramatic. It never feels like anyone is in serious danger or a lot is at stake.

Boxing for Charity

Because Rookie Blue is clearly a version of Grey's Anatomy, the focus is meant to be on the characters instead of the weekly investigations. With that aspect in mind, we did learn a lot this week:

  • Andy has major father issues;
  • Traci has a kid;
  • Dov has asthma;
  • Gail has fears about her family connections and how she's perceived.

Of all these revelations, whose secret is the biggest threat to his/her career? That's the sort of question that could keep us intrigued as the series plays out this summer.

What did you think of the episode? Do you wish the action would pick up? Or is the burgeoning, drawn out, back-and-forth relationship between Andy and Swarek enough to keep you tuned in every week?

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I love this show and this episode was really something different! I can't wait to watch the new episode on thursday, this just keeps getting better and better!


This episode pissed me off. The abusive husband would have been in jail until the bail hearing and at that bailing hearing, had he had no prior assault charges he may have been let out BUT there would have been an automatic restraining order and the cops would have been able to arrest him for breach of bail when he went to pick her up at the Women's centre. The wife would have also been in huge trouble for notifying an alleged abuser of where that shelter was; the security at those places are pretty intense and zero tolerance in putting other occupants in potential danger. However, we learn that there was prior assault charge on his wife, so no judge would let him out of jail.. and since it was only two years earlier, part of his original parole would have been to not have contact with her for a couple of years, so right there - breach of parole and no way he would have been let out; he would have been sent right back to Don Jail to continue the rest of his original sentence. In Ontario she can't drop the charges because the spouse abuse charges are laid by the Crown because people in abusive relationships tend to be mentally trapped and would more often drop it out of fear etc.


I started watching it just as a time waster, but starting to feel that it's actually pretty decent of a show. Even the "crime of the week" was well put, and involved all the rookies (I think?). Plus, it's Canadian which is great! (Anyone else notice the coloured money the other episode?)


I love this show (:
I've never been interested in watching Grey's Anatomy (which means I never have :D), so all these comparisions have no meaning to me.
& the cliches are fine with me.
Its interesting how things are building up.


Honestly, I couldnt care less about most of the cliches. The alcoholic father one was a bit grating since I feel like its been done to death but it can be interesting to see how he got that way since they're being very vague about what happened to ndy's father to make him leave the force so unceremoniously. Im more vested in the Andy-Sam Swarek bubbling romance, these writers really screwed with us at the end of the episode when Andy goes to that bar and it zoned in on Sam seeing her and the audience thought she was going to go meet him...and then she went over to the detective that I completely forgot about! I don;t mind, I love the drama!


I am absolutely loving this show. I can honestly say that the lack of McNally-Swaerk drama in this episode will keep me waiting anxiously until the next episode. I also agree with Becky, things seem to be getting for and more intense each week. I'll definetly keep watching,and it helps that Ben Bass is adorable.


I agree with you Becky. The show has caught my eye and I am too enjoying it. I will admit, the show does have some of Grey's Anatomy's storyline of character bios but it has to happen. You cannot make up new things. So what if it has a bit of a cliche. It has to be believable. Otherwise, it won't really be a show. Aside from that, Rookie Blue is awesome :D


Despite the cliches, I am actually really enjoying it so far. Both Swaerk and the Detective are super cute and I'm enjoying that love triangle being set up. I also like seeing more of the characters and how they are interacting with each other. I feel like its getting better each week I watch, so I think there's definite potential.

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