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We knew Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen thinks of herself as well beyond her 16 years (she turns 17 one week from today), but there's such a thing as over-sharing.

This is nothing like her criticism of Miley Cyrus and pop music, either, it's just TMI on a personal level. On one hand, she's refreshingly candid. On the other, she's 16.

According to Perez Hilton, in a recent interview, the actress, model and rocker revealed that she isn't currently dating anybody, but has other ways of passing time.

When asked if she was single, the Gossip Girl star grinned and replied that she's bored with men and her "best friend is her vibrator." Umm, okay. Moving on!

TMI Taylor

Love her or hate her, there's never a dull moment with Taylor Momsen.

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is she freakin 16 for real?


haha, thats confidence!


You guys cleary dont know who mario armando lavandeira AKA ''perez hilton'' is. He's a vile pig who has so much hatred and envy towards celebrities just cus he isnt one. His blog is filled with lies and made-up rumors about the celebrity in turn he hates such as miley cyrus, taylor momsen, lindsay lohan, etc etc. So yeah, i wouldnt buy that story about taylor momsen sayin that cus i mean yeah she's pretty fucked up but not in that way.


in my eyes, she's just a total poser. PERIOD.


I am ashamed that people call her "the Gossip Girl star" Come on GG writers write her out of our lives and put her out of misery of being stuck on the show because of a contract. No one likes her. We all hate her for breaking up Nate/Serena, Rufus/Lily, and most importantly Blair/Chuck!!!! :( I still wanna kick her ass to the fucking moon. Hate that bitch. She can go die now.


Oh come on! Above photo is SO not Taylor Momsen. It's a skinny racoon with a broken neck =))


Well I absolutely love Taylor Momsen! Her style, music and acting.
But 16 is pretty young to have sex I don't think she would actually know what an orgasm is or feel the effects of a vibrator properly. It is better then having a sex tape or a racy webcam photos. Rock on Taylor :)


No wonder she doesn't leave her house without her vibrator, it's suck in her bony ass!


i hope she won't return next season. i can't stand her character and her racoon make up and all of the scary look from her.
better RUNNNN.


... wow is all i can say


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