The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 18

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Welcome back, fans, to the 18th edition of The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest.

This week's Caption Contest winner is M. Plz. Congratulations and well done!

The winning entry, in all its melancholy and contemplative glory, appears below.

Honorable mentions for this week go out to May, Laura and VDluv.

Thanks to everyone for playing and good luck again next time!

Drunk Damon

Dear Journal,
Feeling listless again today. It began at dawn, when I tried to make a smoothie out of beef bones, breaking my juicer.
And then at the parade,disaster. It was unmistakable.
Stefan and Elena are totally in love.
"Stelena." Everytime I try to destroy this cute and adorable, while sickening and annoying relationship it only comes back stronger like some sexually ambiguous horror movie villain.
Here I am, about to turn 30, and I've sacrificed everything only to be shanghaied by the bi-curious machinations of doughy misshapen teens.
Am I missing something, Journal? Is it me? Of course its not me. Its Stefan. What is it about him, Journal? Is it the arrogant smirk? Is it the store-bought home perm? You know, Journal, I noticed something yesterday. Of course. Its coming clear to me now.
If I can't destroy this relationship, I will have to destroy the man!

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Damon: Cullen vs Katherine! dammit why did i have to be bi? -_-


"I'm an idiot!"


Why didn't I take the blue pill?


Damon thinking to himself " Oh man... Edward is sure going to convince me to go vegetarian.. Where is the fun in that!?"


Damon thinking to himself " Oh man.. Edward is sure going to convince to go vegetarian.. where is the fun in that?!"


Damon: Damn it! I just dont understand the LOST finale!?


Damon: I see... I can see it! Shannon and Sayid will end up together!
Director: Cut...


DAMON: hey, bartenders are basically like psychologists...right ?


Today, I opened up a tomb full of vampires, to find out that the one vampire I actually wanted out, wasn't even there, turns out she never really loved me. FML


Ugh! So much time to kill until September. I really want it to be Delena, Not Stefena!

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