The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 19

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We didn't expect to receive a Titanic reference as a response to this week's Vampire Diaries Caption Contest - but, hey, that's why we love this feature so much!

Reader "Elliie" chimed in with the entry published below the photo and we had to reward her for such originality.

Thanks, as always, to everyone that participated and remember to do so every single Friday!

Caroline and Elena

Caroline: You jump, I jump, remember?
Elena: I'll never let go, Caroline. I promise.

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Elena: I'm terrified of heights!
Caroline: but you're ok with vampires? seriously woman!


caroline: why is damon here .. you two timing ??
elana: stefans sort of busy .. and no im not two timing
caroline: you should damon is miles hotter than stefan
elana: true .... (:


caroline : elana .. elana .. elana answer me .. elana .. omg kathrine ... kathrine : what !!


Elena: Why are Damon and Stefan dancing together ?


Oh my god. I just figured out who A is.


Elena: I think I'm Team Delena now that I see Damon in that tux.
Caroline: What?


Elena: I don't think Damon will catch me if I fall from here.
Caroline: that's a great idea! let's do this!


Caroline: Elena.. are you okay?
(Elena puked all of a sudden down
on a fair haired girl and the disgusted girl looked up)
Elena: I'm so sorry Blake... um.. well.. no.. I mean Amber


Caroline: Oh My God Elena are you alright?
Elena: I don't believe it! Stefan's wearing the same dress as me!


Caroline: Look me in the eye Elena, do I really look fat???
Elena: Um...

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