Who Should Be a Gossip Girl Forum Moderator? Vote!

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Yesterday, TV Fanatic posted a request for your nominations for moderators to help keep the peace and ensure open, but proper use of our Gossip Girl forum.

Thanks to all who submitted yourselves and others. Unfortunately, attempting to poll TVF readers on prospective candidates has led to more harm than good.

Our goal throughout this process was/is to make the forum more civil, and we apologize if this effort ran counter to our intentions and there are hard feelings.

We will be contacting a few interested parties shortly to moderate the forum on a trial basis. If that doesn't work out, we'll keep trying until we get it right.

Thank you again for your interest.

Steve Marsi is the Managing Editor of TV Fanatic. Follow him on Google+ or email him here.


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    @ Tania
    who the fuck said I was looking for friends? Are you fucking kidding me?
    Yes you are bat shit crazy and so am I, every other fan of this show.
    I personally think the moderator shouldn't be a fan if they looking for someone with that criteria.


    "Cause everyone on here is effing bat shit crazy and can not be a proper moderator"

    So I guess I am bat shit crazy too. Not the best way to make friends IMO.

    But who would come here and take care of the site, read the threads and moderate them if they don´t give a damn about the show??? I don´t get it.


    @ Tania
    I really don't think it should be someone who is in love with the show and posts here. Cause everyone on here is effing bat shit crazy and can not be a proper moderator. There are fans of GG who do not post here alot or only as guest, that to me are better suited to deal with the drama here.


    ITA with the AL and also with QueenBee and Emilee about the choosen one (can´t avoid the Potter reference lol) must be someone who actually likes the show.


    @ Emilee

    We weren't fighting before I went on a break from here. We were actually cool with each other. I never said we never fought ever in our long history, just said we didn't fight before I left after the finale.

    Jesus, you read too much into things.


    GG bass has reformed? this is the most funny thing i heard all night.. i hope her reformed will last more than one month. because i remembered once she also offered peace.. and start bitching again later. LMAO.

    and about WTTB. i'm sure she has bullied some others. although as not as often as your gang did. more less frequent.

    and see what cacher said there. once people has bad impressions on you,it would be hard to change the image.
    then in further future i suggest you think about people you're about to troll and to bitch and thinking about further consequences also for your image.

    see many people didn't like your gang. it's not just me. MANY. therefore don't bully other people in the internet.


    "but before I left I remember not fighting much with you and your "gang".



    I never said I didn't fight with you. I do say I remember us not fighting when I went on hiatus. I think we found common ground. I am just saying others that are not us still hold a grudge against you guys, I don't. I personally don't give a shit. Dair vs Chair? whatever, it's stupid that it was even a war.


    oh, no, i just find it pretty funny that you claim to not have fought with our gang when, in fact, you are infamous for your fights with us.


    *Did I really call you a whore? wow grammar is off.

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