Who Will Die on Bones?

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Earlier today, Fox unveiled its fall premiere schedule: Bones will premiere its sixth season on September 23.

Now that we know the when, we can also report on the what, as creator Hart Hanson has opened up to TV Guide about a couple major storylines for the fall.

First, he says, Deirdre Lovejoy will appear one final time as Heather "Gravedigger" Taffet. In this same episode, a new (likely male) villain will be introduced,  "someone much worse, who will dog us for the season."

Courtroom Scene

He said this individual is "someone highly motivated to do great harm to our people - a personal vendetta. One of our characters will be a victim."

Hmmm... he didn't say main characters - and he didn't even say anyone would die.

Still, we're guessing this tease doesn't bode well for one of the squinterns.

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I don't think it will be any of the main characters. It serves a very interesting point that Hanson used the word "victim" rather than something that leads us to believe murder. Personally, I am a total bones addict. I LOVE this show so I can make an informed decision, so I hope. Someone said that we won't miss them much, however, this was probably just a fan and so he's opinion holds little water. I do believe that someone else will get killed because it was obvious the gravedigger would get killed. I don't think it will be Daisy because a "good writer never leaves strings undone". Daisy and Sweets have a lot of strings that would make many TV's go click. For the same reason I don't think it will be Wendell. It might be Caroline because she's definitely a reoccurring character. However, I think it will be either Fisher (depressed intern), Vincent Nigel Murray (the spewer of random facts), Astroo (the middle eastern one). Hannah's already gone so I doubt it would be her. And Parker would just make one to many viewers upset. I think that covers everyone.


It's her that dies, the Gravedigger. Sniper takes her out!


@cricket: Gormogon scares me more. But S5 EP21 was the most tense episode of this show. And why is Taffet wearing runners :s


It's gonna be that intern that Angie was messing with...


That woman scares me. A LOT.

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