Who Will Die on Castle?

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Simply put, someone is about to die on Castle.

Star Nathan Fillion told TV Guide this week that an extended family member of his character will meet his/her end on the show's September 27 episode.

"As in real life, death is sad, but it makes us all appreciate what we have around us a little bit more," Fillion said, while creator Andrew Marlowe added: "This will bring the family closer together."

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Might the culprit be the serial killer Marlowe previously reported would be coming to the series?

That much is unclear, but we can confirm the victim will be one of the following:

  • Chet, the boyfriend of Castle's mother, Martha;
  • ┬áMeredith, Castle's first ex-wife and Alexis' mother;
  • Gina, Castle's second ex-wife.

Sound off with your best guess now!

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i vote for Gina too. She is such a phony


Martha is not one of the 3 choices thank god i really love her in this roll and based on the interview with Andrew Marlowe who says that Castle is going to be dating Gina throughout the season it is defintely not Gina. Can't date a dead person.


I hope it is not Castle mom Martha I like her. Also like Alexis mom she is alittle out there but it is a storyline that involves Alexis as well. The person who I would like to die is Gina. She hasn't really been in the show at all only like two episodes.


I also initially thought clearing Chet would allow for Martha to move back in, AND voted mentally for GINA...but, it's likely Meredith, more angst for all family members with that choice. The preview of Castle getting arrested was fantastic! (DROP IT, SCUMBAG! HAHA).


See I think is gonna be Chet. Marlow said to watch the first few episodes when someone at Comic Con asked if we'd ever get to meet Chet. It will serve as a catalyst to have Martha move back home and have the family deal with loss and aging. Now, that said....Personally, I'd like them to Off Gina just because I REALLY didn't like the fact that she walked off with Castle on the season finale to get cozy again. They spent two seasons vilifying her to have her show up and reconnect on a deep level seemed far fetched.


Beckett arrests Castle for murder, so I'm going to guess it is one or both of his ex-wives. Maybe they are the first victems of the planned serial killer that is supposedly an ongoing story of next season. Can't wait to find out!


I agree with the guess below. My first guess was Meredith as well. However, it has to be one of the three listed I would go with one of the two wives. We have never met Chet, we have no attachment to him. While it would be sad for Meredith, it really wouldn't effect us.


I would say it's going to be Meredith. That would really bring the family together. This would be a big storyline for Castle and Alexis. Coping with losing her mother and he helping her. So...

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