90210 Season Three Premiere Pics: First Look!

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As Dixon screams in a 90210 promo for season three: it's senior year, baby!

More than just an attitude, that quote is also the title of the September 13 third season premiere of the show.

While most fans are buzzing over the spoiler that Teddy will be revealed as gay this fall, other questions remain from the season two finale:

Was Naomi actually raped? How will she react to that incident? What are the chances of a Liam/Annie hook-up? Has the former been punished for her hit-and-run admission? What is the status of Ivy and Dixon? How about Adrianna and Navid?

None of those issues are directly answered below, but we can confirm an earthquake will take place on the premiere. We can also give fans an early look at photos from the episode. Click on each to enlarge... and enjoy!

Seniors on the Loose
Mr. Matthews
Oscar Makes an Announcement
Season Three Premiere Photo
Loving Senior Life
Sharing Laughs
Under a Table
Hello, Oscar
Annie Speaks to Liam

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i want to know whats going on with annie and the whole murder situation!!


wtf is this where is naomi she;s the only one I care about


@f debbie will be raising annie/dixon by herself....


What happened with Dixon/Annie's parents. We know that Rob Estes is not going part of the main cast.


i am hating silver's hair...why does she cuts it short???


Uggh. Is Silver keep cutting her hair shorter and shorter every time. It is actually making her look less attractive. Cannot wait to see whats in store for Adrianna/Navid and Annie/Liam.


Naomiiiiiiiii?????? Hope there's no Rape trauma thing with her! Cuz i like the feisty Naomi!


-I'd say Naomi was raped since she doesn't seem to be at school.
-She will be pretty traumatised from the whole experience.
-It looks like an Annie/Liam hookup is just around the corner.
-I'd say Annie got probabtion and maybe house arrest over the summer. She is a minor and there isn't really any evidence.
-It looks like Dixon/Ivy is still going strong.
-Adrianna/Navid are definately still together.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.