Annie Speaks to Liam
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Annie is speaking to Liam in this shot from the 90210 season three premiere. Fans are torn on whether or not they want this pair to date.

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    But what about the whole boat thing and annie killing that guy, it can't all be so easy!!


    annie and liam !!finally
    am so exited to wach 90210 just to theme together.they are a cute couple
    and i hope they stay together hall season.i love lannie


    definitely feel like a real couple! want them together, yes yes yes


    liam and annie are beautiful and feels like a real couple.
    90210 never has a happy ending for any couple but i hope annie and liam gets a really happy ending suc h as getting married. That never happened in 90210 so lots of fans will be excited and thrilled to see a two teenagers living like a couple in real life. i hope liam and annie never have to break up and always stayed together for wholw 90210 programme.


    THEY LOOK GOOD! THEY DONT SUCK... at all. Btw, i think... this was the best thing they did !!! :D


    ahhh they look soo good together!


    No Lannie, ew.


    Lannie sucks! What was the point of two full seasons of Naomi/Liam build-up, if Lannie just gets together in the end? I hate Lannie.


    Fans are definitely not torn on whether they want Lannie date. We are psyched!