Ahead on Pretty Little Liars: Aria and Ezra Affair to Continue, Grow Complicated

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The bad news for Pretty Little Liars fans: the show will not air new episodes until early 2011.

The good news: at least Lucy Hale is shedding some light on what her character will be up to when this ABC Family drama returns.

Or, perhaps we should say, who Aria will be up to. That answer is probably clear to anyone that watched the summer finale, huh?

“The affair with Mr. Fitz is my character’s main storyline, so I assume it will continue and become more complicated,” Hale told Entertainment Weekly this week.

Are you excited to see more of Aria and Ezra in the future? Or are you sick of this pair going back and forth every week?

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All teacher-student relationships are illegal and disgusting. I think that them showing it as a good thing is sick and twisted.


I love EZRIA! :D Definitely keep them together. Their back-and-forth-ness is so good! :) x


I love aria and ezra i think they shouldnt break them up no more


Love Aria and Ezra, cutest couple on the show


ezra & aria are the best couple, regardless of the age difference. spencer and alex have no chemistry & hanna and shawn don't really either. they should have casted a hotter guy as shawn.


Aria and Ezra are the best couple on this show!!!!


ilove them keep it goin !


this couple is not cool


Noel can go scratch.


Definitely Ezra and Aria. This couple is the main reason I watch the show. If they break up my interest will start slipping. Please keep them together even if they fight!

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