Castle Starter Kit: Catch Up Now!

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The premise is Castle is not difficult to follow:

A famous mystery writer teams up with a serious detective to help her solve cases.

But, like any good show, the appeal is in the details, as the following video helps to illuminate. It's the latest ABC Starter Kit - watch one for Private Practice HERE and Grey's Anatomy HERE - meant to catch new viewers up to speed and ensure long-time fans have not forgotten any key details.

The show returns to ABC on September 20 and you can browse through our Castle spoilers section for ideas on what to expect on season three.

[video url="" title="Castle Starter Kit"] [/video]

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Castle Quotes

Oh, absolutely not! You will not and do you know why? Because you're a fighter. What have you always told me? No one will give you anything in this life. You must earn it and look at you. Almost 20 years later and you're back on Broadway. You have earned this.

Rick Castle

Beckett: What am I supposed to charge him with? Being a twin? Castle: Being an evil twin in a magic murder.