Diane Farr to Guest Star on Grey's Anatomy

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Former Rescue Me and Numb3rs star Diane Farr will guest in an October episode of Grey’s Anatomy as a patient with Huntington’s disease, according to EW.

Farr’s character will be under the care of Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) - the de facto caretaker of SGMWH - and is slated to appear in this season’s fourth episode.

Grey’s Anatomy returns on Thursday, September 23 - what are you most looking forward to when it does? Share your comments and opinions with us below.

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Yeaah...her nipples are showing in that photo, like its right there :S


She probably will star on private practice sometime in the future... Shonda likes recycling guest stars!!!
Only realised after watching second season pp that Sarah drew had a small recurring role... She was actually good in the show...


Yes, Pratt, she has that sweet voice and a kindness-thing, especially when fully clothed. :) Seriously, she is a neat-o actress. I guess it's going to take me a while to get into the swing of the postings. Sometimes I take stuff very literally. My friend calls me "Bones" occassionally. :)


Beth: No, she's not. I was just speculating:) I wish she would though. I kinda portrait Kathleen at the kindest one, being a cosy, warm shrink and all. Diane Farr seems to be just like that. I guess we have to wait a while before meeting the rest of Derek's family though.


Okay, folks. Where do you get the inside info? Like the fact that Diane (no bra) Farr is going to play Derek's sister? Where do y'all get all the good stuff? I mean I google and still don't get all this kind of info. ???


Umm... nipple? Peek-a-boo...


At last, someone I recognise, cos most of the guests stars that appear on GA I don't have any idea who they are.
But this is great that this case seems to be Mer's. I guess this means Mer's doing general surgery and she's back doing surgery in epsiode 4????


Interesting case and I am loving the fact that Meredith is her surgeon. I missed her as a surgeon in S6!


Mmm...interesting case. Pratt, It took us 3 seasons to meet the first sister, 5 to meet the mother and 7 to meet another sister. Don't hold your breath in seeing all of them.


Ana, I know:) I've seen her on PP but I'm also really excited to see the other two and Diane Farr could possibly play one of them considering her age that is close to Derek's. I believe Amelia is the youngest.

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