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Emily Deschanel Jealous of Booth's New Girlfriend on Bones

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Booth has a new girlfriend this season on Bones. Brennan is going to be jealous.

Well, Emily Deschanel is, at least. Asked what it was like meeting Katheryn Winnick, who plays the new love interest of David Boreanaz's character, the show's leading lady confessed she's feeling a bit of jealousy - both on- and off-camera.

“It’s a little weird,” she said at Fox’s press tour on the Santa Monica Pier. “I had to stand right next to them making out today. He’s my guy. It makes me feel a little uncomfortable.”

Understandable. Both Emily and David also discussed the Jersey Shore spoof planned for this season (seriously) as well as the serial killer coming after Booth.

Check out EW's Q&A with both Deschanel and Boreanaz after the jump ...

[video url="" title="Bones Interview: Booth's New Love"] [/video]

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I can't wait for the season of Bones to start. But hope that Booth dosen't have the GIRLFRIEND for very long!That really going to suck! Bones is my favorite TV show as of all depends if House comes up with some better plots..I sooo want Booth and Bones to get together, at least secretly!! Come on guys. Don't you want your rating to GO UP!!!!!!!!!!!


i am sooo with you. it will be cool to see bones jealous.


I can't wait for Bones to start! After the season 5 finale, I got really pissed so the producers better make it up. I want to see Bones and Booth make out!

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