Exclusive Interview: Ben Bass on Rookie Blue Character, Second Season

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Move over, Patrick Dempsey. Ben Bass is the new ABC heartthrob.

The Rookie Blue star couldn't be more excited about his new series, which has already been picked up for a second season. In this exclusive interview with TV Fanatic, the man that makes ladies swoon due to his portrayal of Sam Swarek talks about his character, co-stars and more...

What is your favorite part about being on Rookie Blue?
As an actor, I love exploring relationships and doing that in the world of city cops is a wonderful combination. You get all sorts of interesting action and you also get to delve into complicated interpersonal dynamics. You've got the crime fighting element, the romance element, love triangles, politics in the work place... It's just a fascinating mixture of entertaining subject matter.

Ben Bass as Swarek

Why were you attracted to that role?
There is a great deal of scope to the character of Sam. He's got many years on the force, which means he's dealt with a great variety of situations and knows his job very, very well. When you engage in conversation with a real cop with a lot of experience you know they've got a thousand amazing stories about what they've seen and done. I like the fact that Sam has that kind of background.

I enjoy looking for ways to create that feeling with Swarek. In other words, it's fascinating to follow this guy around and see what he does based on his experience and slightly maverick style. It's always interesting to play a maverick because the writers are constantly trying to think up new and off beat things for the character to do.

Do you have any similarities with your character?
I identify with his moral core. And his passion for what he does. It sounds funny, but it wasn't until I watched the show that I realized how much Sam loves his job! When I was playing Sam, I was just in it. I suppose the enjoyment is inherent in the character as written, but it still was fun to discover how much his enjoyment comes across. I think when I'm working well I enjoy acting, as Sam enjoys what he does. I identify with his dedication and fidelity, not just as an officer but also his devotion to Andy, professionally and romantically. I think a one-woman kind of guy is more interesting in some ways than the opposite.

When do you or begin filming the second season?
We're getting started September 1. The scripts are still being developed and written, but we're in good shape and everyone can't wait. It's a terrific team they've assembled for the second season and, no doubt, audiences will have lots to look forward to.

Talk about the cast.
It's an amazing bunch of people. We don't have any big, difficult egos in the bunch, which makes it so much easier for all of us to do our job. It's an immensely talented group of actors and I'd be very glad to have the opportunity to work with any of them again. I guess the one frustrating thing about the show is that, frankly, we'd all love to have good, meaty scenes with each other, all the different characters mixing it up, but then the show would be four hours long. Hopefully, over the course of the episodes we'll all get some good stuff with all the different characters.

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I Love Rookie Blue I Love All The Actors and such but My Favs are San&Andy. Can't Wait to Watch Season Three. I Don't care what i'm Doing I Will Drop Everything To Watch It. Rookie Blue Is The Best Show Ever hope It's on for years To Come and I Hope That Sam And Andy Stay Together The are The Best and they are go for each other. By The Way Ben Bass Is Hot.


Am totally smitten with that delicious curl of Ben Bass' lips, that look his eyes alone can give - Ben you look so close to the character you play as Sam Swarek which means you sure a good actor plus you know French, want to do Shakespeare. I guess I am what they call a die hard fan now!!!!


Am totally smitted with that delicious curl of Ben Bass' lips, that look his eyes alone can give - Ben you look so close to the character you play as Sam Swarek which means you sure a good actor plus you know French, want to do Shakespeare. I guess I am what they call a die hard fan now!!!!


Girls... Ben is not a toy or meat... get a life.
stop being so materialistic, there's more to guys then their "sex appeal"


Oh my! Loved that episode too - Hot and Bothered! I LOVE Ben Bass! Um, and when's he's in that uniform - h-e-l-l-o!


here come the tards: shekina, you're an idiot. guy's an actor and doing his job. if you're too stuid to comprehend that then you have no business owning a TV set. period!


I totally agree with alot of the comments written about Ben Bass, especially Ms.Andersons. Move over other vampires! Javier Vachon was and is Number one! I cant wait to see more of this incredibly sexy and talented man on Rookie Blue when it returns. Some of my coworkers are too. Keep up the great work Ben!


Missy come to Philly ......Please .


I love, love, love, Ben Bass!! I love his voice, I love his mannerisms, I love his incredible acting. He simply oozes sex appeal! I think that of all the charactors on Rookie Blue, his charactor has the most depth and dimention, a total tribute to the kind of actor he is. I love the chemistry he has on screen with Missy Peregrym, and I am green with envy that she gets paid to make out with him. Oh what I wouldn't give to be in her shoes..........


This guy is hot! I didn't even know who he was until Rooke Blue. I watched the last 5 minutes of "Hot and Bothered" 100 times. They definately have chemistry. Hey Ben....call me ;)