Frances Conroy to Guest Star on Grey's Anatomy

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Frances Conroy, of Six Feet Under fame has been cast on Grey's Anatomy in a guest role that sounds perfectly suited for the Golden Globe winner's talents, according to TV Guide.

She will portray a patient named Eleanor who blacks out. Why?

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Because, as Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes explains, Eleanor claims she blacked out right around the time she raced into a Laundromat and caught her naughty husband folding another woman's panties. Yeah, that will do it to you every time.

"Whether or not she really blacked out is an issue," says Rhimes.

Interesting. Detectives Grey and Yang will have to investigate.

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Thanks, Jude for acknowledging "Cagney & Lacey" Tyne and Gless. It's so nice to get a response. Sometimes I feel like I'm expressing stuff into nowhere. But hey Lina has really been awesomely cool :)
Where are you from, Jude? if you don't mind me asking.


Interesting! I hope the Grey is Meredith not Lexie.


i really hope that when she said Grey she means Mer not Lexie


Beth I agree, nice to see that Tyne and Sharon are still on our screens working now. Too many actresses disappear when they are more mature in age.


Smileyglen, Tell us about Austrailia! C'mon please? :)


I forgot to comment on your noting that Derrick's mom is played by Tyne Daley (sp?) I really liked that portrayal in the episode she showed up. I really liked Cagney & Lacey, too. I love that Sharon Gless is now in "Burn Notice" was was Michael's mom in "Queer as Folk". Two really awesome actresses.


I loved Frances Conroy on Six Feet Under. She had a bit on Desperate Housewives and the really peculiar "Happy Town" -- not sweet parts at all! (I still wish we'd gotten an ending to that odd show). Anyway, it has to be Mer and not Lexie because it says Grey and Yang. Which is the Grey always connected to Yang, right? That's my thinking. Ashely you have a really good memory for the actors; I did not remember the (SUPER SAD - I did cry - story of the girl whose baby died) actress was the one from Friends. (I loved that conversation between Addison and Callie in the bathroom when Addie's crying about the sweet couple whose baby isn't living). I'm glad you mentioned Laurie Metcalf. That was an amazing episode, she played it beautifully. She also had that part in Desperate Housewives, the housewife desperate enough to shoot up the grocery store. Anyway, I always liked her.


Yes I also hope that the Grey they mention is Meredith not Lexie.


I agree with all the previous comments, for my 2 cents, is the torture of 24 more days to go, it's August 31st, here in Australia, and Grey's is back on the 23rd of September in the States. I'm starting my countdown to the Season 7 Premiere.


I hope the Grey is Mer. Well her mother in law did play Detective Lacey in a past life.

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