Friday Night Lights Season Five Premiere Date: Announced!

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Just a week after Friday Night Lights concluded its fourth season on NBC, DirecTV has announced the premiere date for its fifth and final season. It will kick off on October 27.

A couple years ago, a deal between these networks saved the critically-beloved show from cancellation. For the third season in a row, it will air 13 episodes on DirecTV, followed by a second run-through on NBC.

Supportive Couple

Anchored by Emmy nominees Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton, the show has mostly restocked its regular cast.

But long-time Friday Night Lights favorites such as Scott Porter, Taylor Kitsch, Zach Gilford and Adrianne Palicki will all return for the show's final season.

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FNL best show ever sad to see it go


Holy smokes what's the confusion? Ya'll aren't too smart huh? FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is on DirecTV FIRST. Has been for the last 2 seasons. THEN when it's done on DirecTV, it'll air on NBC. Not sure how that can be confusing, unless the wires in your brain don't quite connect like they should. SO, FNL (That's Friday Night Lights since you're easily confused) will probably premiere on NBC (Cuz it runs on DirecTV first since you're easily confused) in 2011.


NFL, is back on NBC, one Direct TV finishes the season, and they just started like a month ago. So we got sometime! I cant wait.. thank you NBC...


I'm confused too!? I have basic cable - when and what channel will I be able to see season 5 of FNL?? Thanks!


When doe FNL return for the 5th season .What night and time??


Re: Friday Night Lights
HELP!!! I'm confused. Despite having an MBA I honestly can't decipher wheter or not Friday Night Lights is going to be airing a 5th season on network TV. Is it going to be aired? If yes, on which network and when? THANKS! A TRUE FNL FAN


FYI ABC Family Starting in Sept 2010 will be airing FNL at 7pm eastern time 5 nights a week. From the beginning pilot through season 4.


Can't wait !!! But at the same time I'm so sad because it will be the last season of one of the best shows on tv.


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