Jessica Szohr: Gossip Girl Fans Relate to Vanessa

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Jessica Szohr says her Gossip Girl character is the most "relatable" on the series.

Well, that may be, but it hasn't made her the most popular so far ... just saying.

Speaking to AOL, Szohr explained that Vanessa is someone fans can relate to because she does not have the wealthy lifestyle of some of the other characters on GG.

"I'm not just saying this because I play her but for me Vanessa's the most relatable person on the show," the 25-year-old actress said. "Only a very small percentage of people can live the Upper East Side life many of the other characters are living.

"When you watch Gossip Girl you get to see the craziness of all that."

Wash Your Hair!

Jessica Szohr as Vanessa Abrams on Gossip Girl.

"The writers also show the reality - parents getting divorced or losing a parent or getting your heart broken - but there's this whole other aspect of, 'Woah, do people really live like that? When they go to school do they really have a $5,000 handbag for a backpack?'"

"But Vanessa has a normal job and she doesn't have parents who can write her a check for every problem she has," says Szohr, who says she's still "feeling her way."

"She's such a people-pleaser and is always helping everyone out, but as you get older and you go to college or leave home you start to become an adult and learn life lessons. I'm hoping in the next season Vanessa realizes she can be nice but not be taken advantage of."

The Gossip Girl Season 4 spoilers we've read so far hint at tension between Vanessa and Serena, as well as V's involvement in the Dan-Georgina plot line. Should be interesting.

Are you looking forward to seeing V's character evolve this season? Will the writers give her some better story lines? Should she just stay in Haiti? Discuss!

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i find jenny most relatable. firstly, i have parents like rufus
and an older bro like dan. plus, we all have that "fire in the belly" when it comes to chasing after what we want, right?


Whatever your opinions may be of jessica szhor (and lets face it most of you are just jealous and being all catty because she's dating the guy who you'll never be with) you can still like the character.
Vanessa has been a favorite of mine, and the character has nothing to do with Jessica, learn to separate reality from TV and realze that the show would be really boring if it just had the rich girls. Geez


obviously she doesn't get that everyone wants vanessa to go DIAF.


Say what you want about Szohr, but she brings the lulz!


lol, sorry Ms Szhor, but a truly relatable character must be: 1. Well written
2. Well portrayed by a DECENT actor Now wonder why almost no one relates with Vanessa..


When I watch Gossip Girl I'm not looking for relatable! The show is already unrealistic! I want an escape!


I find Blair the most relatable, for some reason i have always conected with Blair as a character because she has such high goals in life, but then she goes off and makes bad choices, and has to learn from her mistakes. Whenever she thinks shes got the world in the palm or her hand it slips. I also think Jenny is a relatable character no matter how much some people hate her she is still somebody the viewers connect with because she wants so badly to be accepted. Vanessa on the other hand is not relatable at all just because she isnt rich. She has no emotional depth to her character. All i have ever seen of Vanessa is an annoying artsy fartsy whiner. None of her story lines are interesting or make me connect with the character.


She should stay off the show permanently. Relatability depends on more things than how much money a character has. Jenny, Blair, and even Chuck are more relatable, partly because the actors playing them are more talented, so they convey emotion more convincingly. Jessica does not play Vanessa convincingly or memorably, no matter what storylines she is given.


** would be


Yeah right ! The most relatable ! my ass !
The only mistake the writers did is having this crap back on the show !!!!! She sould had stay in Haiti !!! Or just kill her that would easier for everyone !!!!

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