Jessica Szohr: Gossip Girl Fans Relate to Vanessa

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Jessica Szohr says her Gossip Girl character is the most "relatable" on the series.

Well, that may be, but it hasn't made her the most popular so far ... just saying.

Speaking to AOL, Szohr explained that Vanessa is someone fans can relate to because she does not have the wealthy lifestyle of some of the other characters on GG.

"I'm not just saying this because I play her but for me Vanessa's the most relatable person on the show," the 25-year-old actress said. "Only a very small percentage of people can live the Upper East Side life many of the other characters are living.

"When you watch Gossip Girl you get to see the craziness of all that."

Wash Your Hair!

Jessica Szohr as Vanessa Abrams on Gossip Girl.

"The writers also show the reality - parents getting divorced or losing a parent or getting your heart broken - but there's this whole other aspect of, 'Woah, do people really live like that? When they go to school do they really have a $5,000 handbag for a backpack?'"

"But Vanessa has a normal job and she doesn't have parents who can write her a check for every problem she has," says Szohr, who says she's still "feeling her way."

"She's such a people-pleaser and is always helping everyone out, but as you get older and you go to college or leave home you start to become an adult and learn life lessons. I'm hoping in the next season Vanessa realizes she can be nice but not be taken advantage of."

The Gossip Girl Season 4 spoilers we've read so far hint at tension between Vanessa and Serena, as well as V's involvement in the Dan-Georgina plot line. Should be interesting.

Are you looking forward to seeing V's character evolve this season? Will the writers give her some better story lines? Should she just stay in Haiti? Discuss!

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I personally think Blair the most relatable I agree with you 100%


I love v... Can haters shut the f*ckup?


She should be written off the show! Whenever you read any webpage/blog about Gossip Girl, you can tell audiences don't like her at all! Come on writers! Give us the happy surprise of Vanessa not coming back to GG!!!


hahahha... delusional much! I dont even care about her character enough to find something to relate to. This is absolutely laughable to think that V is relateable. i dont watch GG for her. She could go away forever and she will not be missed, her character is superfluous and sometimes a dead weight. Wished they just kept her in Haiti. D and G can have S as the third party in that triangle. Then make it to a love rectangle by including N then add another branch for Juliet. I am much looking forward the new characters than her. Bring on Eva and Juliet. waiting breathlessly for Georgina, Penelope and the new mean girls! :)


Vanessa relate-able? Um, not really. Unless you are a hypocrite to the max! Unlike Blair's issues with her mother, low confidence and bulimia; Chuck's issues with his father and not having a family; Jenny trying to fit in; there isn't really anything I can relate to Vanessa with...


I actually don't find Vanessa relatable at all. I'm in no way a UES kid, but viewers connect with characters that we are emotionally attached to. And I think out of everyone I connect that way least and in fact not at all with Vanessa. Your character can be an exact replica of a typical American kid (Which Vanessa isn't) and it still takes a good actor to get the viewers to relate to them. I just don't think she's that great of an actress. I have no problem with her as a person, but there's a reason Vanessa is the least liked character on Gossip Girl.


I think I know what's the problem here: She thinks that her character is the most relatable because is one of the "middle class and/or poor ones" (maybe the only one left) but the thing is, most people don't really like their socio-economical status in life. Most of us would like to be rich, at least at some level, like the Upper East Siders. So I don't think that seeing a character with your same social status in life it's something that makes it relatable to most people. People prefer to relate more with the emotional aspect of the characters and that's why people relate more with Blair or Chuck (or even Jenny), because at the end of the day many of us have at least some kind of torment or burden or conflict in our souls or in inner selfs just like these characters have, and we can identify ourselves with them, even considering that because they are fictional characters they are more mess up than most of us. But we can simpatize and relate ourselves with them and take pitty on them, while Vanessa, unfortunately for her, hasn't been given the same depth and tragic dimension of those other 3, for example. Her biggest internal issue so far was her conflict with her mother Gabriella, and to make matters worst the whole thing ended up looking like the Brooklynite version of the Blair/Eleanor mother-daughter issues (without the bulimmia). This type of things have caused that most of the GG fandom don't relate with her because they simply don't understand her nor her motivations, while they can understand Blar, Chuck and Jenny's motivations and actions even if they are horrendous and don't approve of them. I don't hate this character and beyond certain incidents in this story (a.k.a CV and similar issues) I don't have problems with her, and I'm no position to judge whether her clothes or lifestyle in GG are realistic, so I don't need for her to be taken out of the show, but I do believe there are several reasons why this character receives so much hate and this could be one of them.


I don't think Vanessa is relatable at all!!! Just because she's not as wealthy as the Upper east siders, that's suppose to make her relatable!? She's not poor, my gosh!!! ^ i agree with this! if vanessa dies, its going to WASTE screen time cause im pretty sure they'd make a big deal about it... i prefer it if she just gets out of the blue jobs overseas and will never EVER come back... its a cleaner, faster and more earth friendly way. :))


que ya salga de gossip girl,¡¡¡¡¡¡laodio!!!!!!!!


As someone that's been through college, I think Vanessa's the closest to someone like me. As for her having all the accessories, trips, etc. I worked a whole summer to get to go over to Italy. There are grants and student loans that people take out to go to college. I myself had to take out quite a few. Because Vanessa's living on her own and her parents aren't paying for her school, I'm sure she gets a lot of help from the government. It is possible. Have you all ever heard of consignment stores? Because you watch Gossip Girl, I assume you have. Jenny used to buy her stuff from there in season 1. It's quite possible that Vanessa did as well. I think people that don't like Vanessa's character don't like her because she reminds them of their real life. While I find that it's nice to have someone that has the same struggles that I had when I was in college... at least, some of them. haha.

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