Joshua Jackson Teases Role on The Vampire Diaries

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Kevin Williamson served as executive producer on Dawson's Creek, the show that made Joshua Jackson famous.

He now serves as executive producer on The Vampire Diaries. See where we're going with this?

In a recent interview with E! News, the Fringe star hinted that he's talked to his friend about appearing on The CW hit. How incredible would that be?!?

Watch Jackson's discuss the possibility below and then leave a comment and/or sound off in our Vampire Diaries forum about what role you'd like to see him play...

[video url="" title="Joshua Jackson Interview"][/video]

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I agree with May. Although Damon claims to not have any friends, it would be nice to see an acquaintance of his from years back. It would also work to have him in a flashback- either way it would be nice to see how Damon interacts with someone he isn't trying to kill haha.


he should be a person that has known Damon for years and just pop up. it would be funny seeing him and damon being wiity :)


HAHAHA i love joshua jackson! hell yeah, i have no idea which character -- maybe a werewolf or something... lol idk


I'd love to him as a character that dies very quickly... naah, just kidding :P


o hell yea, he's cute ;)


He'll certainly have the time since they've announced he's only appearing in Fringe EVERY OTHER WEEK :( (which sucks, btw). I'd love to see him on VD, though!!


That would be freaking awesome!!!


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