Rookie Blue Review: "Big Nickel"

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Quick, raise your hand if you like Luke and Andy as a couple...

... Any hands up out there? No? I'm not surprised.

While "Big Nickel" was an entertaining episode of Rookie Blue, it also highlighted a major problem on the show: Andy and Sam have clear chemistry. They know it. Even a prisoner in the backseat of their car knows it. Luke may be a nice guy and solid detective, but the feelings just aren't there on Andy's side, making this a love triangle that feels more like the show just spinning its wheels until it takes the obvious step of putting Andy and Swarek together.

Get Off Her!

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Andy has said it's "complicated" between her and Sam - but can anyone tell me why? Dating a co-worker is clearly not frowned upon at work. Peck and Diaz openly argued at the station this week, while everyone knows Traci is with Jerry.

It might be more of an issue for a rookie to date her training officer, but - like Grey's Anatomy did with Meredith and Derek - the show needs to play that up more in order for viewers to actually understand why these two aren't dating. Otherwise, it feels like a contrived effort for tension.

I also had a major problem with Sam apologizing to Andy for his initial reaction after the prisoner was rescued. Hello, she made a monumental mistake and a killer was almost on the loose as a result of it! Pretty sure it's okay - nay, necessary! - to tear into her for that. This isn't an occupation where you can treat rookies with kid gloves.

It was definitely nice to see Sam open up a bit, though. He has a sister... and a sense of humor! I actually laughed out loud at the "ham way" joke.

I also laughed at Diaz and Traci's impressions of Jerry and Sam. That was probably the funniest scene of the season, especially well done because it was tied in to Traci and Jerry's relationship, which may very well be over. I can't blame either side.

It's difficult to go from divorce to dating, especially when your girlfriend is a co-worker and has a child. Traci clearly senses this (heck, Jerry told her) and this couple likely needs a break.

I'd comment on Peck's storyline, but must be honest: I just don't care. Something about that character bores me to death. Let's move on...

... to the final scene: Luke kissed Andy, and she returned the lip lock. But did her face at the end express happiness over the reunion? Or hesitation? I sensed the latter. How about you?


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What's a 'hen way' ...about 3 lbs. Sorry I've heard this before (probably from some nine year old) and it's hen. I've always thought it is silly to keep characters with really great chemistry apart. Everytime Andy and Sam are together the screen lights up and doesn't that draw an audience in. You just need great writing to keep the story going and the writers on this show I think have proven that they can.


I think luke's a good guy, but I wanted Andy and Swarek to be together. I think Andy is beginning to realize that Sam isn't just a serious guy loving his job, he is very laid back, trustworthy, and funny, I liked his joke on the ham. I think they need a little time apart for Andy to realize that she is choosing the wrong guy. I can't wait for the next episode, watch the trailer if you have not.


I agree Sam & Andy do have great chemistry. i wanted them together from the start. cause the way he looks at her. he like her alot. Andy & Luke dont have it at all i dont like them together at all.


Sorry that would be hearing impaired ( haven't had my coffee yet and it shows!)


Funny thing - I accidently came across the version for the ehating impaired .. the narrator there tells you it is in Toronto, and talks about them exiting off the DonMills express way etc...

Matt richenthal

@Becky: Agreed. I just wish the show would offer a compelling case for why Andy and Sam aren't together. The only reason now isn't storyline-related, it's writer related, as the show clearly is just killing time in an attempt to build up viewer anticipation.


Well one thing is you cant say they arent promoting that its shot in Canada anymore since this episode beat us over the head with it with all the Canadian references and I loved it. lol. enjoyed the canadian classic rock references and all the pretty scenery on the way to sudbury :-) Your right though the chemistry between Sam and Andy is very clear, but thats why I keep watching. I love watching their banter on screen. And Diaz is surprisingly hilarious.
It's too bad about Luke becuase I like his character, but he just doesnt have enough chemistry with Andy.

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