Rookie Blue Review: "Honor Role"

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Justice vs. loyalty. Truth vs. brotherhood. Doing what's right vs. shutting up a pompous jerk of a detective.

Andy and Diaz were faced with choosing between these opposing viewpoints on "Honor Role," a solid episode of Rookie Blue that finally didn't just put McNally in danger by herself. It was a welcome change of pace to watch her interact with a fellow officer and try to make such a tough decision.

Then again, Bibby didn't really make the decision very tough, did he? It would have been a more interesting storyline to depict him a a more sympathetic character who maybe just stole some money for a cause other can relate to or feel sorry for. But Rookie Blue isn't exactly a nuanced, layered show.

By making the dirty cop such an over-the-top bastard, it made it easy for viewers to side with McNally and Diaz.

A Training Exercise

On the personal front, "it was what it was" between Sam and Andy. That's how the former reacted when approached by the latter about their half-naked dalliance last episode.

Can you blame Swarek for reacting in such a manner? Andy was essentially using him to feel better after her first-ever kill... only to change her mind just because the power came on and then to go to the other extreme and head to a cabin with Luke. I'd be mighty pissed if I were Sam, too.

Which is probably why it's a bad idea for cops to date each other. Do most forces have a rule against this? Already on this show, Luke is with Andy; Diaz is with Peck; and Traci is with Jerry. Are those in charge really okay with all these relationships?

The main, inevitable relationship will be Andy and Sam, of course. While I'm excited for these two to finally get together, I do wish
Rookie Blue would make it less obvious. Why not conclude last night's episode with the shot of Sam at the bar?

By switching over to a sullen Andy on the deck, it just drove home the point that she isn't happy with Luke and will end up with Sam. At this point, the series is just killing time until that happens, which is different than making viewers truly believe there might not be a possibility it will NOT and, therefore, truly celebrating when Andy and Sam do find each other.

It's a matter of dramatic tension, something this show can sometimes lack. What did you think of "Honor Role?"


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OK found it!! Basia Bulat singing "My heart is a warning"


Can anyone tell me the title/singer of the song at the end of this episode where McNally is sitting on the steps of the shack? Is it Tracy Chapman??


Sam had a right to be upset, but he should have talked to Andy instead of taking Luke at his word that going to the cabin was Andy's idea. I thought the Andy/Luke scene made it plain that it wasn't her idea. I think Luke knew exactly what he was doing. If Sam really wanted to keep the relationship professional, he shouldn't have let his jealousy take over when she needed her training officer's advice. She made it clear it was about a case.


Of course he had a right to be angry and upset she is totally confused and immature. But communication is key. He could have simply told her that what she did really sucked and he wanted to keep the relationship professional. Instead he came off like a petulant child.


I'd play Sam's love interest ANY day! he's HOT!


FINALLY someone acknowledges that Sam had every right to be upset. Honestly, Andy is just irritating me now. She basically cheated on Luke, used Sam and then ran back to Luke. What did she expect Sam to do? I still think he was nice to her. She deserves a good smackdown. Maybe in the form of a super hot love interest for Sam. :)

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