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Last night's seventh season finale of So You Think You Can Dance was an endurance test - not only for the dancers, but for the fans who sat through the whole two hours.

That wasn't the worst thing ever, though, because there was real suspense. By the end of the finale, we were still unsure who was going to be America’s favorite dancer.

Like last season, we had our favorite (Jeanine Mason) but wished the remaining competitors equally well entering the night. This season's trio was more than deserving.

Modest spoiler alert - Robert Roldan was eliminated first. Sorry Robert. That left Kent Boyd and Lauren Froderman as America's top two, and a serious toss-up for the title.

That shouldn't surprise viewers who have tuned in for much or all of the season. He was definitely the most improved this season, but probably not in the same league.

Lauren Froderman and Kent Boyd

Would Kent Boyd or Lauren Froderman win So You Think You Can Dance?

After the top three performances the previous night, Robert gave Lauren and Kent a run for his money, but perhaps didn't do quite enough. And then there were two.

Some of the filler last night was actually pretty good. It was fun to watch Alex Wong participate in the opening routine, for example (even if he was confined to a chair).

There was a seven-year-old tap dancing and Ellen DeGeneres of all people making an appearanceand dancing with tWitch. The woman loves to dance, that we know!

And after all that, the fabulous Cat Deeley opened one last card to reveal the winner of Season Seven. What does your gut tell you? Can you even handle the suspense?

Follow the jump to see who it is ...

Lauren Froderman!

Wow! Our favorite wins two years in a row. This isn't do say Kent didn't deserve it, because personally we think he probably did on merit, but go Lauren! Awesome work!

"There's a ton of things I'd like to say," the blonde said excitedly, speechless and with laughter and tears all coming at once, upon being crowned winner. "But I can't!"

Congratulations to Lauren, Kent and Robert for making it to the final episode. What a tremendous accomplishment by all three, and what an entertaining end to the year.

Do you think Lauren deserved to win So You Think You Can Dance? Are you happy with the results, or did Kent get robbed? Tell us what you think below!


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Hahah I love when people said it was rigged. Like SYTYCD had anything to gain from not giving it to Kent if he actually had the most votes... Lauren was hands down the most versatile and talented of the bunch. Kent was a good dancer, but he and Robert were both coddled with endless contemporary numbers and free passes on a few weak numbers. Lauren didn't fall ONCE and excelled in areas that weren't her own (she only had contemporary once before the finale pillow number). Go LoFro! The girl was a beast! Congrats!


I do think Lauren deserved to win. She was cute and sweet and fun and extremely talented but so was Kent. I really didn't care which one of them won i just really didn't want Robert to win so I was happy about that


@fabliha teenage girls getting angry over the fact that their dream boy didnt win. i feel so happy :) fyi, lauren has a larger fanbase- not as loud as kent's, but c'mon, adults dont go as wild.


fuck this show
so rigeed
ent deserved it
nuff said


I am so proud of Lauren for winning America's favorite dancer! Lauren will be joining 6 finalist and 5 All-stars on tour! Too see her perform live check out for tickets and additional information!


So happy for Lauren! Kent started exaggerating his natural "aw shucks" behavior, and it was annoying. Also, while Kent and Robert were outstanding, Lauren was even better. The wonderful Jeanine Mason won Season 5. Russell Ferguson won Season 6. Russell was great, but I thought Jakob was the best dancer in Season 6.

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